Euclid,Ohio,any audiophiles?

I live on the east side of cleveland,and would love to start an audiophile club.Email me,Ernest at
Chad is there anything going on this weekend with the audio club? Let me know. I'm in town and would like to attend. Herman

I need repairs on my Airiston belt drive turntable. Where in Greater Cleveland can this be done? Many thanks. Send response to
I would look elsewhere than Bernie at Play it again Sams, unless you dont mind being charged far above normal price.
Bernie and Jason alway's give me super prices on mods and gear.You gotta get to know big Bernie.
I bought my first set of speakers from him in the early 90's and two sets after that, plus a sub, 2 amps, CD player, I even used to by music there in the mid eighties, I know Bernie well enough to know he is over-priced...not a bad guy but still over priced.

Many thanks for the references to Play it
Again Sam. I will try them. Happy New Year!!
There is no one else I trust to do any mods or repairs other than Jason from Play it again Sams.Play it again Sams is one of the only "music only" stores left in NE Ohio,everybody else is in to Home Theater.
Jason really knows his stuff. He repaired some audio pro bi-amplified self powered speakers of mine years ago. Did a great job.
Hi, earnest, I bought some sorceror and wizard interconnects and speaker cables, the speaker cables were 10 gauge for just $100(closouts from $450 list) 3 to 5 years ago and love them, running them through simple Paradigm studio 60s with definitive sub. i'm from big rapdids michigan. Anyway, why do your music angel tube amps utilize el34 power tubes, since 6l6 tubes have a basically wider frequency response and distort earlier when overdriven in rock guitar amps like marshall and fender products? I'm just a rock guitarist, not a true audiophile like you. Obviously, high end audiophile tube amps don't overdrive the power tubes, but aren't 6L6 tubes a more high fidelity approach in theory? What brand power tubes EL34 do you use? I use analysis plus guitar and van den hul and tara labs power cords on my guitar amp. What's your opinion on the analysis oval braid shape, and the van den hul hybrid intergration halogen strands? Are there better guitar cables out there for guitarists? thanks for any response. doug smith big rapids michigan
Hey guys I wasn't sure if you would like to join us in Dayton Ohio for a night of music auditioning at our store with Magico and Boulder. We will be having some rare products that are not any where near to the Midwest and I thought I would extend our hospitality to you guys in Cleveland! We will have the Boulder 1000 series and 800 series. Magico V2's and all new rarely seen Q3's will be on the floor in two different rooms.

Let me know if you would like to come down! We are a friendly group down here in the Dayton/Cincinnati area and welcome you guys with open arms.

The event will be August 25th starting at 4pm. We will have food and drinks to make it a fun relaxing evening. Bring your Wax / CD's and 24bit music!

Please RSVP me at or call me at 937.293.6200
Hey There!

Just moved to Cleveland and looking to hang with other like minded audio peeps!