How many dancing audiophiles out there?

I don't mean that you dance when you listen..... well that may be ok too. I am curious if many or any of us dance in some organized venue, I have started recently and LOVE it. It allows me to mix two things I enjoy very much, women and music. In particular to those who are married, I strongly recommend doing it, your women will love you for it- more than you can imagine. Besides its a lot of fun!

I am learning west coast swing and find it quite enjoyable :o)
My wife and I love to dance the Hustle and Mambo,also even while we listen to the system she will say lets dance,why not it,s good exercise too.We also roller skate too,she is the much better skater and I just get around the rink without busting my behind.
I forgot to add that we like to go to Roseland to the Felix Hernandez show every month...
women and music are a very nice combo...whether you're doing the vertical or horizontal bop...indeed!
Good, good advise. Good question too. Audiophiles tend too listen too music "actively" as opposed to just having background music, (generally). Dancing is of corse an active participation just as live music and just about every club that has music has poeple dancing.
My extremely shy, bashfull, embarrassed, but yet slightly arrogent but vain nature makes dancing a true challenge for me. Lately I have digressed to the point that I have to actually put effort into finding ways not to dance, So I offer the following from the other end of the spectrum; No matter what reason or excuse you give, when you refuse a woman a dance, they are offended somehow (I haven't quite figured that out yet as to excactly why, perhaps someone could tell me). If you want to meet someone, and you don't dance with them, forget it, you're done. And evan if it is completely innocent on the most innocent of levels, you're still in the doghouse. I've tried everything I can think of, From getting a meal and pretending I'm in the middle of it, Trying to repel with constant smoking, and complete honesty, explaining that I am not a good dancer and I would make them look bad and also explaining that it terrifies me. Many times. TRUST ME ON THIS- there is NO way out of it. And you married or hooked up men know because your woman has told you. Yes, there are gains to be made by dancing, but there are consequences for not. No matter how geeky and ridiculous you look, no matter how distressed and horrified you are, it seems they always want see for themselves, and it seems to please them.
The back tables are not as fun. It also seems anywhere accessable to seeing the band is a danger zone, and requires staying on your toes at all times. The alternative to relaxing with your freinds while you see real music and experiencing the thrill of possibly getting aquainted if you are available is to watch your back and wait for your punishment.
I am a big fan of dancing as a way of expression. Artists
draw, musicians play and...I dance. It's a way of breaking
the ice in a club and, when there is a live band playing,
dancing to their music gives them a lift and signals to
the crowd that there is communication going on! I have done a number of the various dances through the years to R&B and
Rock and Roll tunes, but haven't done much in the Latin,
Caribbean, or South American vein with the exception of
the Cha-Cha, Meringue' and a bit of salsa/samba. I've
been talking of taking salsa/samba classes, but haven't
made the time to do so yet. There is still hope! In the
meantime, for those of you who are still on the fence about
dancing, just go do it. The Dance POlice will not come
snatch you off the dance floor!

Solari Pierce
I tried swing dancing once here in Los Angeles, and I don't think anyone sucks at it more than I do. I'm down right orthopedic! I had a better time trying flamenco at a Cuban restaurant. It probably has to do with my music preferences as well.