1.)  Chris Whitley.  I was driving home after a long work day driving all over the place, my radio tuned to WFUV FM in New York.  Ever hear a song for the first time and it feels  like it lasted for an hour even though it was only minutes?The song was "Narcotic Prayer" and I was literally blown away.  When I got home I searched iTunes and downloaded the album immediately.  It was then I discovered he had died over a year earlier. &*^$%&$#  I have everything he's ever recorded.

2.)  Sublime.  Same kind of episode.  The song was "What I Got."  Bought the album and started digging.  Took a while before I finally found out that Bradley Nowell died.  WTF?  It's remained in my rotation ever since.  Damn good album all the way through.  I have the complete collection.

3.)  Imani Coppola.  I have absolutely no idea how I stumbled upon her while absentmindedly foraging amongst the depths of iTunes in January of this year,  but somehow I clicked on a 1:30 sample of "I Am A Tree" from the album Chupacabra.  Wowzers.  To say the least.  I was thinking,  "wow, this is fresh stuff!"  I saw all of her other records and.  based on the strength of Chupacabra's tunes,  purchased them as well.  As I was listening to Chupacabra I started reading and...   Well,  Chupacabra was released in 1997!   Here I am,  a 63 year old white guy thinking I'm hipper than hell...Since then her music has become somewhat more edgy,  incorporating more and more hip-hop and rap but,  man,  she's a fascinating personality,  singer,  lyricist and artist.  An amazing talent.

I've got a few more but let's have some fun with this.  Have at it!


Discovering new artists is one of the attractions of Audiogon. That's why I go to HiFi shows, for the same reason.

The whole music scene seems to have morphed into something new. Back in the 50's, 60's, an artist got a contract with a label, were promoted and became stars, or disappeared. Now there are 1000's of great bands, singers, Jazz groups out there, touring, recording in a garage, selling on line, whatever. How can anyone know about all of them, we all need a guiding hand.

I worked in a huge record store (remember those) In the 1980’s, young guy around 15 comes up to me holding a Janis Joplin album and says “ I have all the albums you carry already. Don’t you any newer albums by her?” I said “that’s the last one she made.” I could see in his face he didn’t know she was dead. When I told him I think it broke his heart. I also once overheard some kid ask another kid who the Beatles were and his friend said “They were Paul McCarthy's backup band.”  But that’s a story for another time.
Oh and yeah, I missed the Whole 2000-2010 era due to kids and work, so I’m catching up on the whole era. 
BTW, Chris Whitley had a daughter, Trixie Whitley. She also plays and sings...