Excellent customer service from SVS

Hi Folks. Just thought I'd pass along my latest experience with a manufacturer, regarding a warranty issue.

Less than a year ago I bought a pair of SVS SB16 Ultra subs. I was a little reluctant at first, as they are "mail order" only, and no outlets to audition them. The policy of SVS is similar to Tekton, and a few others, in that I could audition in my own home, and within 45 days, return for full refund, no questions asked. Seemed ok to me, so I went for it. Obviously I liked them, and kept them. Now this past Thursday, I had no output on my left channel sub. I tried a few obvious tricks for trouble shooting the issue, but to no avail. Contacted SVS via e-mail, and was responded to within 1 hour !! I was asked a few questions, and was asked to try a few things to isolate the issue. This went back and forth for the past few days. (As I do not have a computer or e-mail at home, the logistics of travelling back and forth from home to office slowed things down a bit.) As of this morning (keep in mind that this is a Sunday..... and they are still communicating with me !) I was pretty certain that we had it narrowed down to the driver, and not the amp.

I was given two options, SVS would direct ship me a new driver, and all installation tools, OR, I could have the complete sub replaced by the distributor that I purchased it from. It was my call. I purchased the subs from their Toronto distributor, which is about a 1.5 hour drive from my house. I opted for replacing the sub, and said I would just bring the dead sub to the distributor, and pick up a new one. The response from SVS was that it was not my responsibility to go out of my way, and travel to replace this unit , and all shipping was on them. WOW.

Now, as it turns out, I went back home today and gave the test sequence another go round, and as it turns out, the driver is OK. The amp section is the culprit, and need to be replaced. Guess what? a replacement is already scheduled for shipping !!

How's that for customer service ??

Always good to see a manufacturer stand by their product.
Thanks for sharing.
I also had the amp in my SB-16 go bad after about 4 weeks. While I had the same exceptional customer service experience you did (they shipped a replacement next day and I installed the new amp in about 20 minutes), it does make me wonder about QC over there - this isn't the only other bad-amp story I've read about the SB-16.


How well did the replacement amp hold up? How long have you had it in service now?

SVS has been great to me also.  About 5 years ago I bought a used SB-13 Plus from a guy in Jacksonville FL and about two years later the amp took a dump.  Called SVS and they sent a Fed Ex label and told me to ship amp to them and they repaired and return shipped all within 7 days.  Warranty had expired but still not a dime of cost to me.

Glad to hear you had a great experience with them.