experience/opinions re: Eminent Tech LFT-16?

hi, looking for input on these stand-mount speakers. info on impressions, partnering equipment etc. is greatly appreciated!
i have heard the speakers several times, but not in my system. you will have to judge the usefulness of my comments.

you may need assistance in the bass. i found the midbass lacking weight and the bass a bit light.

in the uppper mids and treble, there is sufficient resolution and extension to satisfy most audiophiles. i think a tube amp, minimum 75 watts is needed. solid state may create a bass response which would be over articulated and perhaps a bit of brightness.
In the sweet spot they are great for the $. They are very directional however and power hungry at 85db sensitivity.
They are absolutely a pleasure to listen to using mcintosh amplification...I prefer Eminent to Maggie for several reason one of them is that you get better bass with Eminent technology.
They are good, but can sound hot and one needs to set it up with a lot of care to get a focused image. Overall a nice speaker