Experiences Selling Stuff On Audiogon?

I know Ebay is terrible, but how has your experience selling gear on Audiogon been? I have some stuff that's too high-end for the market I live in, and so I gotta cast the net wider. Not looking forward to the potential hassle.


Way back in the day audiogon was the best place to sell. Honest hobbyists, great deals it was more like a library of audio products you could buy try and resell without much loss. Now all have to get a cut of your sales $$ scammers abound, and many of the good folks left while the rest stayed. I don’t sell here anymore.

I've bought and sold on Agon and USAM for years and even bought a few times on eBay, and I've not had any problems with any transactions. 

+1 @jayctoy   TMRaudio will market and sell your items on consignment.It's well worth the reasonable fee for not having to deal with scammers or shipping damage claims.And yes,back in the day it was easy and fun buying and selling here.