Experiences with 47 Laboratory products?

HI folks - anyone have experience with the new 47 labs stuff? specifically the Gaincard amp (25 wpc) and possibly the Flatfish CD player and Progression DAC? I have a Sony ES transport feeding a Muse 2 DAC, going to a Classe CA 200 then to Martin Logan Aerius Is. Would the Gaincard have enough power to drive the Logans? ANy thoghts on the sound quality difference? I like the Classe a lot with the Logans. I heard the 47 labs amp with Avantgarde speakers, but those are rather unique. ANy thoughts and experiences appreciated. -Ed
No one else seems to be responding, so, while I can't directly answer your questions, perhaps I can provide some directional input. I have the Gaincard S -- 50 watt version. It replaced an ARC VT 100 Mk. II, largely for heat and space reasons, and I don't think I've lost anything (gains in rhythm and pacing balance some loss in soundstage depth.) I'm driving the ProAc 2.5's with it. They are fairly insensitive, at around 86 db. The Gaincard plays as loud as I can stand, in my rather small listening room. I believe 47 Labs has a 30-day trial period. Hope this helps.
I have auditioned the Flatfish and the Progression at home on 2 occasions. They seemed well-made and functioned properly although the controls took a little getting used to. I liked the way they sounded in that the sound was a little crisper and more defined than with my Sony XA7ES but after a few hours of listening the Sony proved more to my taste. Foot tapping is important to me and there wasn't any when listening to the Flatfish.-Bill
I have the flat fish w/ progression dac and the 47 labs phonocube. My system is Lamm ML-1's w Lamm L-1 pre with Kharma ceramic 2 speakers. The 47 labs gear is the best I've had in my system by a good margin (the transport dac combo is the way to go with this stuff). I have owned or tried alot of what's out there and am very pleased with these products. I also think 47 labs will give you a trial. You will want to do this for sure with the flat fish as it is different to use (alot like analog). I tried the 25w gaincard in my sytem and it was good but I think the 50w version may be the ticket. (i have not heard it yet)
thanks for the info, folks! Hopefully I will get a chance to take some of that stuff home soon. I read that you can set up the gaincard with 2 power humptys for true dual mono operation. Is there a benefit to this besides the setup being dual mono? increased power at all? one reviewer didn't like it with dual humptys, but preferred the single. It sounds like the setup would be able to power the Logans ok, as long as the load wasnt' too reactive for it. I know some amps don't like electrostats for that reason, but the Classe has been fine and also an older HK Citation I have handled them ok. (but not great). I will keep you posted on how it turns out. thanks, -Ed