Brown Electronic Laboratory amplifer 1001 MV

I was given this BEL 1001 amplifier, but when I try to connect the rear cables to my pre-amp what looks like normal RCA cables do not fit into the rear RCA receptacles.  Why? and what to do to make it work?



I just looked at a pic of one,  it looks like RCA for sure.  I would first try a different pair of cables.   

I have an early version BEL 1001. Never had any issue with a variety of RCA's.

Are the male pins too large? 

Could you describe why a standard RCA will not connect and what you see upon examination?

Tried 2 RCA cables. Pins too large. Are there cables with smaller pins?  Strange. 


Sorry but I'm an old tech challenged guy, so I am no help about posting pictures.

You say you were gifted the BEL. Any chance to have a conversation about it with the donor?

no, was given to me by relative of former owner, not longer alive, and relative never used the amp.

Any chance cheap or old  RCA pins are broken and stuck in there?

Just a thought.   Chances are slim but who knows 

Mr. brown of BEL no longer alive so need a BEL guru who might have an idea of why the apparent RCA plugs on back will not accommodate a normal RCA plug.



The cables you're having issues with you've used before I'm assuming.

I'm curious to know what are the cables that will not fit.

The problem is the pins have too much diameter not a length issue?

Diameter issue, not length. I have used these cables in the past on my VTL preamp, and a sony amp.  no problem.  Seems unlikely two pins broken inside, certainly cannot see anything when I shine a bright light on the plugs.  I also purchased another set of cables that also do not fit. older cables have no name just says digital high performance cable.  New cables are Aurum.  I was in 'olden time' a bit of a audiophile (magnaplanar speakers, tube amps and pre-amps) but long ago.  too busy to do that now. This is a legendary amp and just trying to get it to work.



Interesting suggestion.  I don;t have the tools, but perhaps can find a shop to do that in my area.  



You are right that it's a great solid state amp. If it's a MK V then you are extremely lucky.

I think @oddiofyl is on to something. Find a good tech to change the jacks and verify the unit is otherwise hunky-dory. 

There are some schematics on D.I.Y. forum that would be useful for most techs.

The BEL is not a familiar design to most.

I would want the whole amp rightfully looked over. It's just too strange with those jacks.

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Thanks very much. WIll have a look into my amp.  Maybe easier than I thought.



The BEL 1001 MK5 is a great amplifier!  I once owned one. Sold it, a regrettable mistake for sure. Would not be hard to replace the RCAs.

I you don't solder do you have a friend who does?

Tools required would be a soldering iron, solder and I generally

use needle nose pliers for loosening/tightening the nut securing through chassis RCA's.

Can't tell from the photo I posted, but assume that non-conductive washers are used to isolate the RCA unit from the case/chassis, plus the RCA shaft would need to centered without any contact to the chassis (not a big deal).

This said, due to the small gauge of the wires and whatever material is insulating them it's a job best performed by someone experienced with de-soldering/soldering small wires.

Due to declining vision that started 10 years ago I would have to use heat sinks (just small copper flat jawed alligator tips) and would also insert a male RCA into the new female plug being installed (additional form of heat sink), but 15 years ago it would have been a simple 5-10 minute job without using the extra "suspenders".

Just saying that replacing them is not difficult (they are not board mounted), but you need to have experience working with small gauge/short wires that you wish to remain intact/useable.



thanks to all who helped with this.  The problem is that the connections from inside the amp into the RCA female plug was inserted way into the plug and inhibits the insertion of a standard RCA plug.  So am replacing the plugs.  Turns out not to be a major issue and even I can do that level of soldering.  the question of why the plugs were constructed as they are is unanswered. time to move on.

Thanks to all 

Kenema (a town in Sierra leone if anyone is curious)


Nice that you have the skills to replace them.

Somebody like me probably installed the old ones.



Brooks Berdan Audio in Monrovia, California has done repairs to BEL Amps in the past. A friend of mine took his BEL amps to be repaired. 

Hey thats great.   Hope you are enjoying soon.  Post your impressions once you get things squared away