Anyone attending the Expo in Tampa this weekend?
Yes , I am going this morning . Outside of a small ad in the paper last
week Thusday , this is the only notice that I have seen !
Not good notification for a first time showing in this area . I hope that they
take this into account when planning future shows here .

This was my first show but I really enjoyed it ! It was great to here how
all of the different equipment , that I have only read about , sounded .
From mild to wild and excellent to not so much . Even my wife enjoyed
the day !
I asked a few of the vendors if they would come back again and they
stated that they would . Very promising , lots of good people enjoying themselves .
I am going this weekend. I recently moved to Tampa from Illinois. I have attended Axpona in Chicagoland the last several years. I know the show will be a lot smaller here but I hope it gains traction and comes back and gets bigger every year.
Spent 8 hours at the show today... almost every room sounded good and the wait to get to a prime listening position was never longer than 10 minutes. 

Best budget speaker sound... to my ears were the Ryan speakers room... the Soundfield Speakers Room... and the Sonetto/project Room.

there was good sounding digital... good sounding analog... good sounding solid state... and good sounding tube..

a day well spent!!
Florida Audio Expo - Further thoughts:
one higher price "budget room" that sounded absolutely beautiful
1.  room 516...a la carte productions  VPI table with ortofon 2m blue, into a Creek Audio Evolution 50A into Spendor Audio A7 loudspeaker...$9800...great looking, taking up minimal space and really musical.
2.  room 516...same people...same system...except with the Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grande SE  $9800+$1500 more for the Viennas (which retail for $6600)..slightly more bite...slightly more punch...slightly less 3d but really, really nice.

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Florida Audio Expo...High End...High Price...Great Sound
Here were some of the standouts that tweaked my ears:
1.  Soundfield Audio CTAI loudspeakers with Harmon dsp processing system
2.  Volti Rival loudspeakers, Border Patrol Electronics, Triode Lab wires
3.  Martin Logn Neolith powered by the Parasound Halo Integrated
4.  Kef Blades powered by Bob Carver tubes
5.  Paradigm Persona powered by Anthem
6.  Vienna Acoustic Liszt powered by DSA class A solid state
@ twoleftears  No...they were showing the S610s on Sound Anchor Stands...which really sounded good.  Trevor Ryan was there and said that the S840s are pretty close to ready and that in their own test speakers, they are very, very similar to the 610 from mid bass up...but obviously have a lot more low end.  My notes were a little jumbled but I think he said they would be in the $10k range.
Florida Audio Expo....further update
I should have said that the Persona system sounded good with the room correction turned on...but the low end was bloated with the room correction turned off....they just overpowered the room which was pretty small....maybe 1500 cubic feet.  One cool thing was that they passed a formed beryllium midrange (just the actual cone itself) around for people to look at...weird...it seemed a lot more like some type of plastic than metal.
Also, I should have said that the Legacy room also sounded great.  The bigger speakers were a little too much for the room...but the Calibre with its built in amplifier was very impressive...and Bill was available and open to any kind of wide ranging discussion.