Favorite Eagle

I haven’t looked to see how often this subject has been covered but i was just listening to Joe Walsh and got thinking about who my favorite Eagle is.  It’s Joe Walsh by a mile.  For whatever reason his music and arrangements speak to me much more so than any other.  As far as Eagles songs Life In The Fast Lane and In The City are two of my favorites (I’m pretty certain he wrote those two).


 By the way “The Eagles suck” is a perfectly valid response if you don’t care for any of them.

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@rpeluso i don’t listen much to them anymore either.  I was thinking more along the lines of Joe Walsh’s solo work and his work with the James Gang.  I think discussin title isn’t what I was after.  I’m asking more along the lines of which Eagle has the better solo work.

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Joe Walsh is okay but he was better as the James Gang. Randy Meisner the man - Take It To The Limit!

As a person, Randy Meisner. Joe was a screwed up drunk, Glen Fry and Don Henley are a** holes. But as artists, Don Henley is the favorite. 

As far as far as solo work, it's gotta be Joe Walsh or Don Henley. Pick you poison.

Never thought about it in terms of favorite Eagle, since I once really liked Don Henley also.  But I will say I've recently discovered that Joe's catalogue is much deeper than I would have anticipated, and I feel he's very under rated as an artist in his own right.  

@mtbiker29 if you also include the James Gang with all of his solo work there is a lot there to admire imho.