FCC reviewing HD radio power increase bid

Below is a link to a story in the trade journal Radio World:


Apparently this is a shift in power between sidebands rather than an increase in total power. The result would be more stations getting permission to raise their HD power. Ibiquity (the company behind HD Radio) and NPR say this would do no harm.

Please email me if you want details on the FCC process or the procedure they have established for complaints about interference with analog signals. I don't work for the FCC or the broadcasting industry; all I can do is lead you to public documents.
I recently started listening to HD Radio when I upgraded the car stereo in my old car. I love the NPR for the 4 channels that I get - NPR News, FolkAlley, Classical and BBC. For these channels alone, I want to get a HD tuner for my home audio. Unfortunately there are not many makers of these. Looks like Sony has quit making HD Radios with RCA out. Any suggestions?
I had a Sangean HD tuner briefly. It was very, very quiet but the soundstage and imaging were not as good as my conventional tuners. One user told me it sounds better through a high-end DAC. I tried using my Logitech Transporter but didn't hear much difference from the DAC built into the Sangean. For very detailed review of the Sangean see http://ham-radio.com/k6sti/