Fedex Customs problem

I sent my SME 3009 tonearm to Scotland for full service. I was shipped back to me on April 29 via Interparcel [Fedex].
The package is being delayed at the Memphis, TN, Fedex office. A few minutes ago I filled a CBP 5106 form and mailed it to Fedex. 

I still do not understand why I had to fill a form that I am unable to fully understand since I am not in the importing business. I do not understand the trade lingo and abbreviations.

Since 1976 I have been buying audio equipment from the UK [Quad 63s, Linn, Gyrodec, NAIM, etc] more valuable than a used SME 3009 and never had to fill a form or had any problems. Last January I received another SME 3009 that was rewired by the same person in Edinburgh but it came via USPS without insurance and it arrived pretty fast without a problem..

My Garrard 401 is being rebuilt in the UK and I'm afraid to have problems with Customs again but using USPS is risky since my deck costs $1,8K.

I would really appreciate your comments and suggestions.



I had no problem with shipping/customs when I bought a used Linn Sondek from a London audio retailer. Ditto for a pair of Quad 57's from another eBay seller in England. Bad luck in your case where you attracted the interest of Customs?
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Use DHL. But I think it has more to do with the shipper, and what they declare when filling things out on their end. I have never had any problem in something like a dozen international shipments. Only time I ever paid anything to customs was $30k of bitcoin miners, and even then it was delivered without any delay. 

Fedex said that the information was incomplete that I had to fill the CPB form. The customs label is very clear, Tonearm and book. Reason for export: Return. I have used Fedex for many years without a problem.

Ebay works in a different way, it is big business and it is not subject to the same laws.
I think that it was a matter of bad luck like Jasonbourne said. I am also surprised that it came via Memphis, all my UK imports arrived via Atlanta, my packages were shipped from the same airport. There are no direct flights to UK from Miami.
FWIW, I bought a used amp from Canada. I've done so before so wasn't expecting the charge I got from UPS. the customs fee was $17-18. UPS fee was $65. They held it up until I paid it. 
Sent the same amp for upgrades and service back to Canada via DHL without a hitch. 

You should call Fedex for clarification. Thats what I did. 
In my case Fedex never asked me for a fee, the issue is Clearance delay - Import Shipment requires importer's registration/identification number for clearance. (Examples include EIN, SSN, VAT, GST, RFC, etc.).
I’ll wait till later this afternoon after they have the chance to review the info I sent. Two months ago I sold a head amp to a chap in Canada and Fedex sent me an invoice for $98 in Canadian taxes. The problem was solved when they realized that I live in the US and that I was not required to pay Canadian taxes. Buy they tried to get the money that the buyer did not pay.
I have just found out that we are for hard times. The form was supposed to be replaced back in 2017 and they never did but it wasn't in use since. The current administration put it back in circulation last month as part of their new tax plan. It's a stupid and overly complicated form and everyone is obliged to comply, the problem is with our government nothing to do with Fedex or the shipper.

We send a lot of shipments to US from UK and FedEx are by far the most reliable and quickest service we’ve used. We also deal with returns and as long as you mark it for return or repair, with country of origin UK, then you should not pay any import duty or taxes on the return. This does require sme to do the same when they book the return. US import duty/ sales tax threshold is around $800, so on purchases costing less than this you shouldn’t pay any import or sales tax, but over this and you will. If is over it is also important the company sending from the UK uses the correct harmonisation product code, if it’s not Included the package will likely be held at us customs. This is the same no matter which courier company you use. 

As I say check with sme that they are declaring the shipment correctly and you shouldn’t have a problem or incurr any fees
Same thing happened to me. I bought a Clayton S-40 amp with the Clayton M-200 transformer from HIFI ART in Canada and I had to fill out the form.

To me it was actually very simple with not a lot of questions that the Biden administration put it in as another step in shipping or receiving something out of country.

It was just annoying cause you had to call the provided number for them to send you the form to release your items, and of course shipping was delayed 2 to 3 days.   
The best work around for this is to find a local dealer and use them to ship. Dealer to dealer is not going to be over analyzed. Anything going to an individual will be questioned for circumventing import taxes and counterfeit items. Plus a dealer has a profile in the system to fast track through customs.
The package is being delayed at the Memphis, TN, Fedex office. A few minutes ago I filled a CBP 5106 form and mailed it to Fedex.

That’s odd, as they sent me the form electronically and the system was set up so I could send it back  electronically all in the same ’live or hot’ email sent to me.

The best work around for this is to find a local dealer and use them to ship. Dealer to dealer is not going to be over analyzed.

That maybe true, but if someone from out of the US and this Canadian dealer has shipped a ton of gear to the US before without issue. I think because this is new or should I say a reinstituted program that the problems arose.
Don't know if it matters but I'm in Miami.

I have purchased items in Australia, sent via DHL, retained at customs, I asked DHL for status since shipment was received but not delivered, they asked me to fill a firm, opened a case, after 7 days called them and they said customs were about to send the item back to Australia, escalated the case and finally got the item delivered along with a 220 fee from customs for holding the equipment.

With UPS, items from Japan, retained at customs and got another bill from them

I suspect it is not DHL or UPS or FedEx but customs of your specific area

This is my recent experience with international shipping and customs with DHL. It took nearly 2 months for my package to leave the point of origin (where my package had been dropped off). It was another 2 months before my package arrived at my home in the US. One of my items arrived with minor damage. I did not get a bill from customs, though.
FedEx did a great job. The arm was shipped on April 29 and it arrived in Memphis on January 1. Better impossible. My friend in Edinburgh told me that I had two choices, £32 including £50 insurance or £65 with insurance for £700, I asked for the latter, I’m now paying the price because knowing what I knew I stupidly made the wrong decision.

On another note, yesterday afternoon I received a call from a FedEx rep informing me that due to the new regulations, CBP 5106, Customs is now in charge and far behind in processing new entries. FedEx does not determine money-back guarantee or delay claim requests based on the scheduled delivery. We are now at the mercy of the new Federal Govt. They are looking for revenue wherever possible and of course, we the taxpayers carry the burden.

In the case of my Garrard 401 I do have the Fedex receipt showing that I sent it to the UK. I’ll ask the chap to put a $50 value, the same that I put when I sent it to avoid VAT.
Royal Mail (UK) all the way through customs right up to domestic pickup by USPS is currently astounding, I often receive a lot of goods from the UK, not only electronics or spares, they always arrive in record time. I may try it this time.

Hi Luisma, I am in Pinecrest. Please get in touch. Vignale.355f1 at ya...

Finally I received my SME today.