Felt Kuti for newbies

Yikes, 270 albums popped up in Qobuz.  Where does one begin?
For almost any artist that you want a discography with some sort of rating or review of the albums, go to the site allmusic.  For Fela Kuti, just type “Fela Kuti allmusic” and the select discography.  You can even listen to samples there.
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I have the following in my library:

The '69 Los Angeles Sessions
Shuffering and Shmiling / No Agreement
Shakira / London Scene
Opposite People / Sorrow Tears and Blood
Best of the Black President

I also like his son's music Femi Kuti

I occasionally go on Fela Kuti benders. 
+1 for the allmusic site. I use that site a lot for finding new (to me) music.  
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Moderator deleted my previous post apparently because they didn't like the second album on my list, trying again...

Expensive Sh#t
Sorrow Tears and Blood (aka Black President)
Roforofo Fight

Yes, my recommendation of the second (i.e. Expensive...) was also removed.

Needless to say, the removal of posts containing the actual names of albums is ironic, to say the least.
Gentlemen, Confusion and Shuffering and Shmiling are near flawless. The rest are split between very good - stuff like Opposite People - or not good at all. Allmusic is your friend here.