Finding the Part Number for Vintage Equipment

I bought a TEAC A-700 cassette deck that was not functioning. After replacing some belts (the general set associated with the model) and doing some general cleaning, I determined that the problem was the idler tire being worn out. I have the model manual, which has helped me get this far, but the manual also doesn't have a part number to do a search. Is there some way of sourcing the part number?

Second, I did a rough measurement using calipers and tried to search for a generic replacement. I get that the ID needs to be exact, but how much give can the thickness and OD have?

Help on either of these fronts would be appreciated, thanks.


Forgot to mention trying a rubber treatment like Prestone Belt or a safe cleaner like Simply Green.

I like Simply Green with a good rinse and dry with microfiber cloth.



I contacted that reverb seller, and they said "These parts based on Teac part numbers not measurements", but they did not provide me with the part number or the associated description with the part number. Hence, my question here.

I'll try Simply Green. The manual suggests ethanol, which provided modest improvements. Thanks