Firewire to Balanced XLR Bridge

I've got a very nice Audio Research DAC (DAC7), but am not happy with the sound via USB input via PC.

Coax input from my Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD to the DAC7 sounds fantastic!

So I would still like to keep my ripped CD's (.wav) and download Hi-Res files to playback through my DAC7, but the DAC7 has a limitation of 16/48.

My question is, what can I buy that uses Firewire as the source input and has a balanced output and also handles 24/192? If nothing exists that has balanced out, the next best for me would be firewire in and coax out.

Product suggestions would be appreciated!

The Weiss Vesta or INT202 will give you Firewire in and XLR or coax out. The Weiss Dac2 or Minerva will give you that plus they are also DACs. Friendlier than traditional pro gear.

On the budget side, you could try the TC Electronic Konnekt units or the Focusrite stuff.

You could also go with a USB to S/PDIF converter that handles hi-rez, such as the units from Empirical Audio, Bel Canto, Wavelength, and AR-T. 24/96 currently, but look for support up to 24/192 in the coming year.
why not get a high end PCI audio card like a lynx or RME, then get a 9 pin to XLR out into your DAC.
Per Daniel Weiss, the INT202 should be available in the States, Feb 2010. I'm also waiting, I'm currently very happy using the Weiss DAC2 as an interface, but I just purchased an Esoteric D-05 and want dual AES capability - which the INT202 has. Also, it feels like such a waist using such a good dac (DAC2) as an interface.
This thread is old, but I just wanted to state the problem of not being happy with the sound is gone now because of extra break in time using the USB port (opposed to digital coax-in).