first & last system


This may not be the right topick bracket but I'm new to the forum and joined because I'm planning to purchase my first and last "upscale" stereo system that feels my ears and my eyes. (It has to look like candy.) Seriously looking at Mcintosh ma 252 with a pair of either b&w 705 s3, used b&w 805, or kef ls50 meta. (Total budget around 7k) 

Here's the issue: My phone is my streamer and I'm not planing to spend in vinil or CDs or tape -- no offense to anyone. I know this is not the best sound for the money but as I said, it has to look pretty. I also know that I may need a DAC.

Is this a good enough setup for what i want or are there other options? 

Thanks in advanse for any imput.



With your budget and requirements, the ma252 and Naim integrateds, or even pass labs int series,… paired with either used B&W 705 s2 signatures (datuk finish), 805 d3, Focal Kanta 1s, Sonus faber olympicas… should be safe bets to satisfy your ears and eyes.

In addition to the options you have here's some additional choices:

1.  Integrated amp with DAC - Moon ACE, Naim ATOM, Hifi Rose, and NAD with optional Bluesound Steaming/DAC

2.  Speakers - I'm a fan of Sonus faber, so I encourage to listen to their Lumina line

Enjoy your journey.

Amazingly helpful. Thaks to all for the imput and comments notwithstanding my spelling. (English is the language of trade in most forums regardless of where you're from. Misspellings may happen.)