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This may not be the right topick bracket but I'm new to the forum and joined because I'm planning to purchase my first and last "upscale" stereo system that feels my ears and my eyes. (It has to look like candy.) Seriously looking at Mcintosh ma 252 with a pair of either b&w 705 s3, used b&w 805, or kef ls50 meta. (Total budget around 7k) 

Here's the issue: My phone is my streamer and I'm not planing to spend in vinil or CDs or tape -- no offense to anyone. I know this is not the best sound for the money but as I said, it has to look pretty. I also know that I may need a DAC.

Is this a good enough setup for what i want or are there other options? 

Thanks in advanse for any imput.



You can accomplish your goal and save a buttload of cash if you just get a wireless/bluetooth receiver and some cheap speakers, some of which you may consider eye candy.  they're out there.  I mean, really.  I don't mean to sound like a doosh, but why get at all that expensive equipment and just feed it with a phone?  makes no sense at all.   i'm not a streaming guy, but there's many here who are.  i'm sure they'll chime in.

I hear you loud and clear, but mentioned the phone as an example that I plan to focus exclusively on streaming and that's exactly the reason behind my post. For context, I've owned several system setups. Some 7 years ago I downgraded to a very sweet Marantz int-amp and a pair of not-so-nice B&W 600 series bookshelfs that work wonders with my phone. Was thinking now that perhaps something like a Naim would be perfect to improve the quality of the sound exponentially but I still want to look at it--even when off--and enjoy it. I know it may sound quite shallow to many, but some may understand.



What he said.

At least buy another phone so you can actually be mobile while leaving one in place. 

If you want good sound, typical proportioning between components will be about 30% speakers, 15% streamer (a separate box purpose built to stream), 15% DAC, 15% Preamp (yes, even if you do not have a turntable). And 15% amp. If you would like to save space it is OK to get an integrated amp… a combined preamp and amp… but budget 30% for it. You can’t buy just anything for the price. Each company has a different house sound.

MacIntosh is heavy on the mid range and bass… B&W is sparkly and heavy on bass, so if you like rock… then a good combo.

Other “good looking” and good sounding… depending on your tastes in sound and looks.

Pass, Audio Research, Sim Moon, and Presto, Conrad Johnson, and Luxman components. Less expensive NAD and Rotel.

For speakers, Sonus Faber, Focal, Wilson, and Magico. There are hundreds more, but these are some of the big players.

Also, almost no body gets it right the first time. Best to choose speakers first then match components. I like all kinds of music and am personally not a fan of Luxman and MacIntosh. But they have a huge following and are well made.

Willsenton R8 KT88 integrated tube amplifier and a pair of Tekton Moab speakers and an optional pair of subwoofers.

Look at the Yamaha rn 2000a. It has a built in streamer so you can use you phone. 

You may want to look at fitting an Eversolo DMP A6 into your system. It is a great streamer with a good dac. They can be had for less than a grand and you can upgrade to the Master Edition for around $1200. I run mine with my I-phone and it does everything I want and sounds great.

And some of us should learn manners along with spelling.



If you like the Kef sound then consider the LS60 which are powered and have streaming through their app. You won't need an amp and DAC.

I have the mcintosh ma252 with B&W speakers and they sound great together. I don't think you can go wrong with that setup. You will need a bluetooth wireless setup to go to the amp though. Another very inexpensive way is to buy a Sony SMP N200 media player for peanuts on ebay and put your music on a flash drive. You won't need a bluetooth that way either because the Sony will plug right into the amp with RCA cables. Believe it or not it sounds really good. The flash drive will be much easier to manage than your phone music.

With your budget and requirements, the ma252 and Naim integrateds, or even pass labs int series,… paired with either used B&W 705 s2 signatures (datuk finish), 805 d3, Focal Kanta 1s, Sonus faber olympicas… should be safe bets to satisfy your ears and eyes.

In addition to the options you have here's some additional choices:

1.  Integrated amp with DAC - Moon ACE, Naim ATOM, Hifi Rose, and NAD with optional Bluesound Steaming/DAC

2.  Speakers - I'm a fan of Sonus faber, so I encourage to listen to their Lumina line

Enjoy your journey.

Amazingly helpful. Thaks to all for the imput and comments notwithstanding my spelling. (English is the language of trade in most forums regardless of where you're from. Misspellings may happen.)