Flash report from 2009 T.H.E. Show

Attended opening day with a friend.
Weather was perfection (60 degrees, sunny, no wind).
Very light attendance (plenty of elbow room, easy to stroll around the beautiful Alexis Park courtyard).
Actually had free parking on the resort grounds!

Best of show (IMHO)

Evolution Acoustics MM Mini-Two powered by Dartzeel integrated.

Show Highlights

-Harbeth Monitor 40.1
-Magnaplanar Demo (Their new speakers will blow your mind while rocking your world!)
-"Live or Memorex" (DSD recording VS live piano)
-Absolutely the largest collection of LPs and CDs I've ever seen! Acoustic sounds, MusicDirect (Mobile Fidelity), Reference Recordings -Mind boggling!

There were many great speakers new to me that really excelled. Brodmann, Analysis Audio (Apogee-like planars), Teresonic (Awsome Lowther based), Studio Electric and the Neeper "Perfection One".

A day well spent...

Yes, a bit more description would be nice. It is frustrating to not have any info especially about the new Maggies....
-"Live or Memorex" (DSD recording VS live piano)

Is that Doug Sax and Bill Schnee demo of their new high resiolution recordings using TAD compact monitors and the Florian DAC?

Did you find the playback convincing?
The "Magic Show" had about 15 seats in a large dark room.
A backlit white scrim concealed the speaker's "secret identity".
Various types of music were played including: Choral, Jazz and a wicked drum solo - all at healhy SPLs.

The transducers revealed were about the size of a large magazine (12 X 16 X 2) with a "True Ribbon Tweeter" and the usual planar technology for the rest (could have been a ribbon also).

These mighty mites were driven by Bryston 28B monoblocks (1kw/channel).

There was also a matching Woofer module (not sub-woofer) the size of a large center-channel speaker placed on the floor.

Mr. Magnaplanar (sorry, I don't know his name) was polling for price guestimates (no firm price was given).

We were sworn to secrecy before departing.
thx, I am going in the morning, day trip in and out of Vegas in one day!!! Can't wait.
1 day? last time i went, i was there all 4 days and still didn't see everything.
The Teresonics were awesome speakers. I was considering buying teh floor samples but they all sold, including the back ups.

I enjoyed teh Show and will go again in the morning, but CES last year at the Pallatzo (or however it was spelled) just did not end. I want to go to that next year.

The vinyl selection at The SHOW was really nice. Listenign to Beck rigth now. I'll have to buy more in the morning.
Mr. Magnaplanar (sorry, I don't know his name) was polling for price guestimates (no firm price was given).

Dweller, did you give an estimate on the cost?
I didn't hear anyone venture an estimate.
I'd peg the price for the mid-tweet panels at around $1500/pr.
The woofer module probably also around $1500.

These are perfect for my Home Theater needs.

It would be swell if they are cheaper!
I'm going to guess less than $1500 for the panels and bass module together after seeing/hearing them. It was an amazing demonstration. The new Vandersteens were incredible as well.
The Neeper speakers feature an asymetrical (and beautiful) enclosure and and aluminum faceplate.
They sounded very open and dynamic with a wide soundstage.
The generate solid bass from the drivers used (two of the midrange drivers found in the Wilson Sophia).

Price is $20,000 - $22,000 (piano black).
Hello Audiogon,

Thank you Dweller for the nice words about our Neeper Speakers. Their is one correction that I would like to point out though. The Perfection One does not use the same drivers found in the Wilson Sophia. The Wilson uses a standard 6.5" Scanspeak driver with a 10" woofer to accomplish a 29Hz -3dB bass frequency response. The Perfection One uses two 5.25" custom scanspeak drivers with 6.5" magnets on the back of them giving the P1 a much higher impulse response. The Perfection One is able to reach 30Hz -3dB without the use of a larger subwoofer like the Sophia. Their is one drawback to this configuration though which is the P1's 87 dB sensitivity.

The amplification for our show setup consisted of a Sovereign Glory power amplifier (240W into 8 OHMS) and the Aaron preamplifier. You can find more information on both of these products at:

If you have any questions about the products we distribute please feel free to contact me anytime. I would be happy to help.


Cole & Ania H.
Nawrocka Distribution
Tel: 224-678-5287
I had the pleasure of listening to the P1 at THE Show and couldn't believe the depth and breadth of the bass coming from these speakers. Top to bottom they are a jaw dropping speaker with museum quality finish. They will go to spl's that will make your ears bleed (but you will have a smile on your face) My partner was looking around the room for the subs, he couldn't believe that 2 5.25" drivers could make so much wonderful music. You have to see and listen to these speakers to believe it.
Thank you Zenblaster,

At the show we kept finding that the roof of the room was flexing to much. Drop in panels with good tight bass do not match. Currently we have the show pair traveling around to dealers for demonstration so if you would like please drop me an email and I will let you know when a pair is in your area.


Cole Hatfield