Flexible mid-range cable suggestions?

Hi all, I'm putting a list of 1.0m RCA interconnects to audition and I'm looking cables that are flexible, a la Kimber KCAG and Audience au24.. I'm looking to replace a Synergistic Research Looking Glass phase 2, which I love, but isn't flexible enough for my current deployment. This cable will be between a tube headphone amplifier and a phono stage. Budget would be under $500 for a 1.0m. Honestly, I just don't know what's out there ;)

Take care!
I use Wireworld Equinox 5 for everything and have ordered a Totem Sinew for my CD to try. Equinox are very flexible and I agree with all the reviews , are absolutely transparent. Both are 300.00 Canadian a pair.
Its as flexible as you could ask for, and unconventional too! Try Mapleshades excaliber interconnects, a 1M length can be had for around $250. They are a very detailed and accurate cable with no glare or forwardness.

Another excellent choice I have found to be Audioquest Panther and Cheetah. Recently replaced with a new line of dbs cables, there may be good deals available used!
Top end LAT international silver/copper hybrid cables. * feet will run under 500 bucks. They are awesome.