Floorstanders vs Bookshelf

Looking for a bit of advice on whether a bookshelf or floorstanding speaker would be better. My room is 13’ x 43 but we sit only about 10’ away for TV watching (we could probably move the couch back a foot or 2 really). I’ve had some Dali Menuets on the wall and was happy with them but I want to move them up to another room. I tried some Monitor Audio Silver 300 and I like them when I am further out in the room working out or playing with the kids. But sitting down I find them giving me a headache, even at low volume. I listened to some Elac Carina speaker and found them to be more relaxing in the bookshelf version. I didn’t get to try the FS version. Any recommendations on what would be a better fit? My amp is a lyngdorf 1120.


I used to run proac tablette 10s with my TDAI3400

And a rel stentor III sub.

I'm now running Jern 14eh.


I got good milage with power conditioning and chaining a cisco2960 into an Etherregen in my set up. Apple tv can sound amazing , the 4k is more resolving than 4th gen IME.

I agree with @ghdprentice and the issue is electronics and value line speakers. 

The Integrated you are using may be heater suited for use with a higher quality speaker. Has nothing to do with FS or SM speakers it is the quality of the components that make up that speaker, crossovers, tweeter type and materials, cabinets and mid bass woofer…..

For dual use HT and 2.1 listening look at GoldenEar BRX, ML Motion Series or further up the ELAC or Monitor lines. Get them from a retailer that has 60 Day Returns. Find what works in your home and be happy. Better yet go back to Dali..

The bigger the box...the better the experience....Tekton speakers are very easy on the ears......I love the soundstage they throw and use a Schiit Loki to fine tune the sound for different recordings. Beautiful. My upgraded Pendragons were only $2500 delivered.

I designed and built my own speakers. Probably not near as nice as yours. Mine are 5cu,ft floor standers. 8 " 3 way, 4ft high. They sound great 10' away. But distanced 15ft apart. Helps the sound stage. Am not disappointed after hearing 4.5k speakers at a dealer. 

Consider getting on the list for a Philharmonic BMR standmount. Rather large for a standmount but an alternative that can give a floorstander presentation. Monitor Audio initially sounded great with me but threw so much at you at once it grew tiring as well.  I think it has something to do with the tweeter, the upper mids and high didn't have the required separation, dynamic shifts, etc.