FM Headroom Direct to disc recording

I picked up a copy of this masterpiece today at a used shop. There were two copies there, one was from Labyrinth records and the other from passport. The one from Labyrinth was called FM direct to disc Limited addition rock recording. The one from Passport was called HEADROOM. Just wondering if there was any difference in the recording quality and pressing. I understand were only two hundred copies pressed. Any light shed on this recording would be appreciated.

I have not heard this record in about 22 years so I am looking forward to a night in the theater.
I have had this recording from the beginning.. 1979 or so. I've had two copies now. I'm not sure how you have a "passport" or "Labyrinth" label, I've never heard of this recording on those labels...
It should read "FM direct to disk" and "Limited Edition Rock Recording on the cover, the cover printed in very dark/black colors with a photo of a vacuum tube superimposed over a photo of a woman with long dark hair. This was ONLY issued on the "Discwasher Group" label (very small label) copyright "Kiras Musical Works" Printed in Canada. The record label itself should say "HEADROOM" "direct to disc" on a light brown in color label.
Now, passport records in the U.S. did press the FM title "Blacknoise", which is an entirely different recording and also is very good. That one should be on the "Visa records" label. There WAS a very very limited edition record pressed in Canada of "Blacknoise" with a different cover, on the CBC label I think... that one is very rare, I've only seen it once, on ebay, and I didn't win (sold for maybe 45$?).
FM has one other good title, called "Surveilance" put out in late 1979 If I remember. After that, FM was finished.
Thanks for your response, now you have me puzzled and I have to go back to the record store to see what the other pressing was. I do also own Surveillance on vinyl and Black Noise in both CD and Vinyl versions. Mine does have the disc washer label on the back as well but it is defiantly a Labyrinth record.
Ghostrider.. hmmm not sure what you have there. Maybe there was a later reissue on vinyl? but Direct to Disk items were never reissued.. because they were direct to disk no tape exists. But Sheffield I think made tapes of theirs. ??
P.S. "FM" opened for Rush during a tour, I think in 1980 (?) and I missed it.. I would have gone only to see "FM"
Yup , thats the one, thanks Synthfreek! So it looks like there is two different copies, again I am going to have to buy the other for curiosity sake.

Happy New Year to all
Doan beleaf awl yew reads oan blogs.

"Direct-To-Disc" wor hir secundt release. Pit oot oan Toronto label, Labyrinth.

Den , sem yahre, IO (Kiras Musical Works) pit out slight diffrunt cowerart,identicul pitchur bur nou wif "Head Room" (wot does NORT appear oan fust issue) pit in place o' th' FM green neon logo'. Alser bottum o' frunt cower hus exttra line: "featuring Progressive Rock Trio FM".

Yew canny go by th' "Discwasher Group" oanna bark cower since baith versioons huv it.

Baith issues wor gatefowlds, bur I HUV seen a singul sleeve versioon o' secundt press wic ah arsesumes iss quite rare.

(Ah huv varra nice trade copay o' th' IO (gatefowld) press.)

Alternate cower fer "Black Noise"?? Ah nivvah 'eard tell o' dis.
Ainnywhe'ear a boday kin sees a pitchur?
Secundt (Head Room)versioon wasnae releasid sem yahre , bur in 1980.