Focal Mezzo Utopia Be Upgrades

Hi Everyone,

Based on interesting discussions I've had, I'm considering offering upgrade kits for the Mezzo's.

I would like feedback from anyone who has them or likes these speakers. Please note the campaign is for RESEARCH. Not the upgrades themselves.

Please let me know your feedback.

If this happens I'll offer the upgrade kits via Audiogon, so Admins please bear with me, but I won't pout if this violates TOS and you need to delete it.


I hope all those who respond are as willing to share their thoughts as you were.


That's a tough call.  Used Mezzo are trading between 4K and $5K.  I am not sure how many would be willing to drop $3K on a tweeter update even if it did translate into better sonics.  The modded Mezzo would have to better "other" used speakers that are selling for the sub $10K range to justify the upgrade cost.  I enjoyed my time with the Mezzo and I liked the sound of them in stock form.  Good luck with your adventure, I wish you success.
Thanks BRF!!

I know, the mezzo and Grand utopia's had fabulous cabinetry, but are now 3 generations old.

Yes, I am confident they would exceed the performance of 10k speakers after mods. :)  but it's not worth doing 1 pair.


I should also say, this generation of Focal Utopia's has the best opportunity for upgrades compared to the rest of the line.

I can put world class tweeters in them. After this, it's nothing but micro-motors.



Yes, I am confident they would exceed the performance of 10k speakers after mods. :) but it's not worth doing 1 pair.
Erik, that's the issue.  You are essentially asking for others to help fund your project.  I mean no personal offense, but if you had a reputation as a first class third party speaker modifier, perhaps then someone may take a calculated risk on your modification based on your track record.  I see this project as a perfect example of a Catch 22.  I hope this gets off the ground, because I will follow its progress with interest.

Yes, the cabinetry on the Utopia line is absolute first class.  You picked a speaker with good bones!
No worries. :)

It’s a personal interest project which I am hoping others could be curious about too.

I see others upgrading parts here and there, and I think "Man, what these speakers really need is a modern tweeter" to bring them up to 21st century.

Upgraded, I think these speakers would beat all the Focal line today, but financially there is no way to recoup the cost. Only a true connoisseur would spend it, and most have already moved on. 


Erik i have the Mezzo Utopias. 
I'm using them on a Carver Lightstar amp, Mark Levinson 380 preamp, Onkyo 9090 tuner, Musical Fidelity NuVista Cd player.
I wouldn't change anything on the Mezzo's. I love that TLR tweeter on the Mezzo's.  That was a very expensive tweeter.

I agree with BRF. It is a tough call. At least here in Europe you can find used Alto Utopia BE-s for 5k easily. I`ve seen many sold for 4200-4500€ a pair. In US the prices are probably higher. 
I also have a pair of mezzo's in my main system. I feel bought them new never abused, I feel they have a way better soundstage than my Wilson wp6 in my other system. Both have bat electronics my main has better electronics. If you think im way out of line you are welcome come over and listen. Not going to change a thing. David