Focal sopra 2/Gryphon Diablo 300 not good match

Hallo Friends. I have the Gryphon 300 and the focal sopra 2 playing together with an Aurender n10 streamer.
I thing the most fatiguing system. I don’t know why. To much highs..absolute no synergy between bass and high frequency..
Can’t hear it more then 10 minutes. Have also the Isoacoustics Gaia 1 installed.and quality speaker cable’s from jorma. And Wireworld power cord. 
Any Suggestion? 
WIth all Focals, minimize toe-in.

Having the speakers cross 3-6 feet behind your head is a good start.
How is your room? Do you have any room treatments?

What DAC you’re using with your N10. I also own N10 paired with EMM Labs DA2 and I can tell you it’s not N10. As others have pointed out Diablo is far from bright, in fact quite the opposite.
Try toe-in /out. Room is fully room treatment (Gyk acoustics). 
Use the intergreated Gryphon Diablo DAC. I think most of you are right. The Sopras are just to bright. But because they are new( 8-9months ) and difficult to sell from where I live,I wanted your opinions so maybe I could fix that problem somehow. 
Moving to a warmer but very detailed amp or pair of amps might help.  I will admit, I didn’t by Focals before I started my company because I found them bright even driven by MC275s.

Are you in the US?  If you want to keep the amp you could move to a more neutral but detailed speaker like Raidho.  
I think that this speaker uses a Beryllium tweeter. I have heard tweeters of this type sound good, but this is not a material I would favor and usually dont like tweeters of this type. Experiment with speaker placement and tame your first reflection points to see if this helps. An acoustically bright environment with this speaker could be your problem. Wish I knew more about your cable. I dont think the Gryphon is your problem although tubes would probably help this situation. As Erik suggested, dont toe the speakers in one bit.