Focal Utopia Scala Evo

Anyone have first hand experience with the new Focal Utopia Scala Evo. Presently I own a pair of Sonus Faber Guarneri and looking to upgrade. Basically looking for a more neutral/realistic sound signature with with midrange magic of the guaneri.
Heard it on a Mac system.  I would say I like it and I don’t see how the Guarneri would be able to keep up as it’s book vs full speaker.


For sure my Guarneri can’t keep up in many ways. I had a chance to listen to the Sopra 2 and really enjoyed them but have not heard utopias. I did do an A vs B against the Magicos s5, and through the magico had tighter control throughout, bigger soundstage with similar resolution and more micro details. I was surprise there was none of the harshness/overly bright quality present in either as opposed to the new Wilsons DAW. I did feel the base did not do it for me in the Magicos S5 and paired with a sub would make an awesome setup. Now I’m told the Utopia Evo can go head to head with the S5. 
I have heard S5v1 but not in same room.

heard DAW but not in same room.

i own the focal kanta2 so I appreciate the focal sound.

what are you thinking?
What are your thoughts on the magico and Wilson house sound vs the focal. I dot know if the tweeters are the same in the sopra and the kanta2, by I found very good resolution with the sopra a without it being overly bright. I’m leaning towards the utopia evo in grey. 
Kanta and sopra have similar tweeters IAL3 I believe

I have noticed Wilsons can sound a little harsh up top for some reason even with the soft dome. Time alignment is good though. DAW is a good speaker too

Magico is solid. You can’t beat the construction.

I think you would enjoy the Focal Evo Scala in grey. It’s a good looking and sounding speaker.
Just finished with 3 days test session with Focal Scala Evo. Astonishing tweeters. Correct and neutral mid-range (not magical, but detail and spatial). Rock solid bass. 30m2 at least. I was able to temper them in my room 20m2 but it was evident that they could not show all their potential. Great for night sessions when you listen quietly. The mid-range shine much better then (with loss of details of course).
Ah... I play them with Mac M302 and C2600 upgrades with NOS tunes. All sources from Chord Dave + Blu. My degree: 8/10.
I wonder how Scala vs Salon 2 would go.

Also anyone compare Scala evo to Scala V2?
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Heard the focal utopia scala evo and was one of my finalist before
purchasing my wilson sasha 2. I think you have to demo said
speakers with your equipment to see if they would match, my
audition did produce good result but it was bordering on the
bright side of neutral even though they were being fed by Vtl
monoblock amp. And to think i will be partnering them with
my vitus sia 025 made me hesitant since it will be a 2nd hand
purchase and demo with my own amp was impossible.

Focal Scala was my favorite out of magico s3, wilson sasha V, and scala.

I bought the Scala.