For those who always dreamed of owning a Nakamichi

Nakamichi Retro Jukebox Bluetooth Speaker (

And to think they used to be just some little tape deck company.

You've come a long way baby!


Nak's downfall was getting into the "Life Style" section of crap.  I was a dealer for a long time.  It was very sad to see this happen.

Once a great company...

I'm wondering if Nakamichi is still in business or if this is just someone who bought rights to use the name, like those outdoor lights with the Bell & Howell name they always advertise on TV.  

I spoke before I even went to their website, but now I did, and it looks like their glory days are long over. The only product that they offer is a crappy surround system.

There is the market for well recognized names. Bell & Howell is a great example. I laughed really hard at that one. Also, the Japanese company I worked for Sharp Corp. was purchased in part for the Sharp name by the Chinese company Hanhai.

I play Nakamichi 682ZX deck almost every day. Sure, my Nottingham Spacedeck sounds better but tape even in a cassette has its appeal. I also use Panasonic AG-7350 SVHS to play music. So, I miss nothing, I have it. What else should I add to this analog only set up. The answer is obvious - R2R two track. 

It is a shame. If you search some of the formerly great names in electronics, 😿.Kenwood for one, even Bose.


secretguy: If you're old enough to remember, the Nakamichi Dragon tape deck was a lot of pre digital era audiophiles dream.