Foundation Designer stands replica

I own a pair of Graham LS5/9 that I use with the mythical and rare Foundation Designer stands for Rogers 5/9.

My plan is to upgrade to another bigger Graham speaker so, the original Graham stands are not the best in my opinion, I would like to build a new pair of clones of Foundation Desginer, but bigger.

Do somebody know the details of the originals? Materials used, and so on, in particular?




My TT stand is very similar but not as tall. I made square wooden columns because I stained the wood. I then put a threaded rod in the center of the column and  poured concrete in the column. Allow the rod to protrude enough so as to mount the top & bottom. which is held by a washer & nut. In my case, I have a sandbox on top which covers the nuts at the top. And those on the bottom are recessed and don’t show. You will have to design your top & bottom so not to show the nut. My top & bottom are 1 1/2 in which made it easy. But that might not look as good for your purposes

Instead of concrete, you could just fill the legs with sand. And if you are going to paint it, you might be able to use a 3 or 4 inch PVC pipe for the legs. Or, a square vinyl tube. I’d check to make sure the PVC filled with sand does not have any ring to it before committing. Have fun

thank you artemus_5 but I would like to make an exact copy in materials of the Foundation Designer

They don't look like anything exotic. They seem to be welded steel. Years ago I needed to have a set of stands made for a pair of ProAc Response 1 speakers. I went to a welder with dimensions, and he fabricated them for me.  

'mythical' speaker stands...  love it...

sorry, couldn't resist -- carry on... 

Not a thing there that is fancy. Measure twice, cut once, grind once, and tack it.

Check your work, weld a little more if that makes you happy drill holes in the TOP plate so you can fill the legs with what ever makes your pickle squirt and put corks on the holes. Paint them PINK!!!

Pull a cork or two it doubles as a sex toy. I had to say that. OH deburr if you go the latter OUCH.:-) 


Yes, it should be easy. I overdid it with the Response 1 stands and had six pillars on each. The welder charged $250.00 for the job and when I picked them up said that he would never do it for that price again. It was too much trouble. 

@jjss49 yes mythical because many tried to copy them but, the original sounded always better than the copy

so I need the secrets of that formula

please do not transform this topic in a general discussion about stands, I need precise instructions about these ones. thank you

What is it that you're looking for? The dimensions are clear because you own them. All that would be left to determine would be the type of metal, and I doubt that they're aluminum, so that leaves steel, right?

I'm looking for knowing the type of metal, but most of all the kind of filling, it was a formula with multiple materials, Cliff Stone wrote this on another forum, and the kind of paint over them