Free music from artists you've never heard before?

Try heading over to Soundclick and check out the thousands upon thousands of MP3's there. Some very talented unsigned artists of all different musical genres just trying to share their music with people.

For those interested in piano based music with assorted acoustic instruments playing along, you can give Jon Schmidt a try. Make sure that you click "play in hi-fi" and not "play in lo-fi". I started on his "Pachelbel meets U2" and it loaded up about 30 MP3's via Window's Media Player. One played right after the other and it was quite relaxing / enjoyable. I'm sure that we can all find some interesting performers there. Sean

PS... You've got to have speakers connected to your computer with the sound turned on to hear this : )
Cyberspace is bringing down the costs of production so that artists can get their stuff heard without having to convince a producer that it can recover the costs of production and turn a profit.
I downloaded all of this stuff using Windows Media Player with NO problems whatsoever. A few others contacted me and said that they had problems using other types of media players, including the Soundclick MP 3 enhanced media player that they advertise on their website.

The links below take you to the bands homepage on Soundclick. Click on "music" or "MP3 Music" on the upper right hand of the page to view the various songs available for download. Make sure that you hit "download in hi-fi" NOT "download in "lo-fi".

Alien Dream= major influences Hawkwind, The Doors & Jimi Hendrix according to the bio. Not bad and shows promise. One guy playing all of the instruments. Decent sound quality.

Inner Surge = somewhat varied approach mixing bits of pseudo melodic punk / alternative / metal. Ranges from the Cure gone new-metal to Quorthon doing his solo stuff. Sonics vary somewhat from song to song but not bad.

Waterplanet = electro-acoustic art hippies that just so happen to a husband and wife team. I keep hearing bits of Syd Barrett and "mellowed out" Julian Cope in this stuff.

Mummification = a cross between early Entombed's music with Deicide style dual vocalists.

Rammstein = Rammstein. If you don't what they sound like, you will after listening to this. Anthemic German Electro-Metal. For some reason, they have a Greenday song ( American Idiot ) listed with Rammstein's "Amerika" selection.

Jon Schmidt = mostly classical piano / keyboard based recordings, but also some nice string arrangements. Try "Air On the F String".

Owel = midi based new age music performed by a one man band.

Alchemystic = more midi based recordings from a pretty versatile yet still learning programmer. Ranging from very dark and somber Classical ( Dark Vision ) to video game music / B movie soundtracks ( Sonic Warfare ) to World music ( Tropical Rain ) to spaced out trance music ( Stardust ) to background music for a softcore porno movie ( Utopian Discord ).

Medieval Mandolin = just what the name says. Multiple recordings of medieval / renaissance period mandolin with acoustic instrument backing.

Like i said, all different types of music for all different types of people and all of it is free. No "pirating" necessary ; ) Sean