Full range sound from sub 1k speakers

I am absolutely confused. I was searching for a pair of standmounted speakers at a decent price....going back and forth between Energys (new Veritas 2.1).....JM Reynauds Monitors
Every now and then Meadowlark Kestrels are available on this site and others for under $1000. They are essentially 2-way monitors mounted on an integral stand that just happens to be a transmission line which yields wonderful, tuneful bass.
I agree with Kitch29. If you can find a pair of used Hot Rod Kestrels for $1000 or under, you will be very happy. I had a pair matched with a Bryston B60, and an Adcom CD750, in my first real audio system. Wow! What a dynamic, exciting, fast,clean sound, with bass you rarely find in a speaker that size. I think the Kestrels are about as good as you can do in that price range. Of course, as with any speakers, you will need to system match. Good luck.
give the acoustic energy aegis 3's a listen. you will be amazed - totally non-fatiguing, warm and detailed. very musical. $700 new, but is amazing value for the dollar. finding kestrels for less than $1000 will be very difficult, but a great value if you're able. aegis 3's are 3 way floorstanders, not small monitors. worth a listen.