Funny thing happened after my neighbor moved.

My neighbor who had lived at his house for 19 years  moved to Indianapolis, Ind about a week ago.

He and his wife had taken care of nice garden on 2 acres house here.

But after having gone through cancer treatment, he (86 years old)has one or two years left according to his doctor.

His wife (87 years young) is healthy with 10 more years left.

Thus he had decided to move closer to his only son.

He got a one acre house at 5 five miles from his son’s house.

He had been very friendly since I moved to my house 7 years ago.

Thus I miss he and his wife very much.

But funny thing happened!

After he moved out, sound out of my audio system got more clean.

Is it because of absence of RF or EMI noise generated by my neighbor.

New neighbor who bought the house will use the house as second home.

If that is so, is this good news to my audio system?

He must have had a piece of equipment that polluted the electrical circuit that you shared. I would think if it returns when you get new neighbors, it may be time to look into power conditioning. Meanwhile enjoy the music.
also curious if you see any difference in the TV picture quality.

I use Spiritual Audio power conditioner( I paid 3k$ 7 years ago), 5 separate isolation transformers for each components and decent power cables like Synergistic Blue PC.

Thus I am rather surprised by the change of sound after he moved out.

New neighbor will use this house on weekend or holidays only.

Thus it may be good new.
If the house is for sale you could buy it, keep it empty, and have the world's most expensive power conditioner upgrade.
Well, maybe. How much does he want? 
@ millercarbon

It had already been sold!

Fortunately new owner will use it as second home.

Thus I do not need to spend more money.
I don’t want to be the pessimist here, but establishing cause-and-effect can be a tricky business. There could easily be other reasons for the change in your system’s performance. For example, electric utilities routinely make changes in their distribution systems as part of load balancing. This could be a case of that.

But let’s hope that your suspicion is correct.

I think I saw this on an episode of the Twilight Zone where everyone was suspicious that their neighbors were aliens on a mission to ruin their hifi sound.

Some people feel that the sound out of their audio system sounds cleaner on evening.

In my house if I turn on and off the light on the second floor, then music server on the third floor got hitch for one second.
I think I saw this on an episode of the Twilight Zone where everyone was suspicious that their neighbors were aliens on a mission to ruin their hifi sound.
I doubt that... as I think that audiophiles are more paranoid than that.
I think I saw this on an episode of the Twilight Zone where everyone was suspicious that their neighbors were aliens on a mission to ruin their hifi sound.

The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street

"They pick the most dangerous enemy they can find... and its themselves."
Wow, if you noticed that, he had to use some really crap electric device and if you are lucky he taken it with him. If not... the noise generator is still there.
In second case you have one solution only: take a look at what PSAudio offer. Such audible change suggest that you need regenerator instead of power conditioner. I hope the man will live as long as possible. And I hope the new neighbour appears to be the same nice kind of man... which for sure you will not be able to regenerate :)
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When my neighbors use their electric baseboard heat, my Krell integrated amp makes a buzzing noise even in standby. They where summer weekend users until they sold the property too full time residents, and it has become much more of an issue now. The amp is on a dedicated circuit with out any conditioner. Will investing in power conditioner solve the problem?
@ kehonkahill

You must need good power conditioner not limiting the current of Krell.

Power generator will not work.

Good luck to you!
@shkong78,Try out a Inakustik power conditioner and forget all the neighbors. This thing kills noise. You system will sound amazing. At least that is my experience.

@ milpai

Thanks for your recommendation.

But I do not need to consider more power conditioner.

My power used to be clean and it had got better after my neighbor moved out and new one will use it as second home.
It’s because the ghosts that lived there moved out at the same time. 👻 👻
Oh, the dogma of the Ghost in the Machine. Question: ’who’ moved out and 'who' stayed? 😊
What’s probably required is a whole tutorial on the dodgy subject of are there or are there not unseen 👀 energy patterns and information fields in the local environment that affect our perceptions, including the sound we hear - at conscious AND subconscious levels. The sound you HEAR in the comfort of your listening room is not (rpt not) the great sound your system is producing, that’s there in the room.  You just can’t hear it correctly or completely. Are our brains being controlled by unseen forces?! But I’ve already said too much!
To the OP:
You suspect RF noise, this might be just what it is (or was, in this case). Not coming through your power line but through the air. We should look not only at bad old appliances but also all the wireless we have today.
About 2 months ago, our local utility installed an additional utility pole transformer, apparently to unburden an overloaded one.  A transformer they had been threatening to install for some time, but PG&E has a reputation to maintain.
In any case, my system sounds noticeably better as a result.  Fewer houses on the transformer.  Yes, I have power conditioning. 

Nothing like a really clean source, I guess.  Here in the Silicon Valley, there is lots of RF pumping around (with smaller lots), and likely a lot of mess on the power lines.  Music still sounds best on Saturday and Sunday mornings before the hordes arise...
Being rural and in NZ our power is often prone to surges. I have a surge protector and a power conditioner but it still seems to trip the protection circuits on the newer kit and not affect the older components.One solution (not just for the hi-fi) is to go off grid, but currently its a 30 year return on investment, plus maintenance of equipment, making me 96 when paid off.
I have no noise issues that I can detect. I use no power conditioning. Maybe it's snake oil or maybe it's just not necessary where I live and how I wired my house when I built it. Yes, I mean my family and I built it from the ground up and I wired 85% of the house myself. The transformer for our house is right across the street and blows up about twice a year, any time anything happens in our town. Nonetheless, as long as I have power my system sounds the same every day. I, for one, don't believe I need power conditioning and I believe that people who need to spend $3,000 on it must have less expensive options to consider. Is the ground outside your house perfect? Easy to test.

I thought I had clean power too. I live in an area that the houses are far enough apart that each house has its own transformer. 

I have tried many conditioners and they did improve the sound quality anyway.  My latest, is the Audioquest Niagara 7000. It not only improves the sound quality but adds much more dynamics for the amps.

Don't knock it until you try it, you will be surprised and a believer.

Today I heard that new neighborhood is living in Florida.

Thus he may want to live in Washington State during summer time to be away from hurricanes and hot weather.

I visited Disney World in Orlando, Florida January this year.

It would be nice to have a second house there winter time to be away from rainy weather in Washington State.

I abandon Seattle in winter for California 

I would use Bowie’s fabulous The Man Who Fell Earth as a reference for future evaluations of power quality....

have fun up there, shake the rust off and don’t kill the Orca

I had lived in Berkeley from 1982 to 1989.

Thus I have fond memory of North Cal.

But with too frequent forest fire and high tax, I have no intention to move there.

I am considering two options.

The first one is to have second home at Florida or Arizona.

The second option is to travel around the world during rainy season.
well you know what the Eagles sang ; “ every form of refuge has it’s price”..... 

people who think they need power conditioners often don’t understand how they can rearrange loads on different legs of the main panel, get motors and compressors OFF the audio leg if possible. Not usually expensive even using an electrician. Wall warts and switching supplies do belong on a quality dedicated conditioner ON a dedicated circuit.

finally use your trust spl meter to measure your listening room signal to background noise at five or six points in the day thru nite might be shocked....the myth of better power at night just might be better signal to noise...your milage may vary..

Thanks for your advice.

I will try  that.

Since my house is located in rural area, the quality of electricity is not so bad.

Recently I had paid more attention to headphone and IEM so that I can enjoy music out of town.