furutech bulk ac cable

Someone is familiar whit furutech bulk ac cable?. If yes let me know your degree of satisfaction and which model of cable and connector you use.
Please do not waste your money on exotic cable. Read the specs. There is nothing special that you cannot buy in bulk from H Depot or Lowes or Parts Express et al. You are just asking the wire to send current to the equipment. Their is no magic or fairy dust required. I suggest you use 12 to 14 AWG cable found locally were you live. I do like Wattgate connectors. I know it is hard to do but I caution you not to overthink what you are asking the wire to do. Choose a nice cable that is UL listed and capable of passing the current required and you will "Never" hear the difference in most if not all listening situations.

I also recommend a quality conditioner for source components and pre. I use Shunyata.

I have a high degree of satisfaction with Furutech bulk cables, including power, interconnect and speaker cables, and I use them with very high quality connectors from Furutech and Oyaide. To summarize, I find them well balanced, and very good "all-rounders." They may not be the best in all areas, but they certainly get close to most of the better cables. They do not have any glaring faults, and they have the ability to sound good with a wide variety of gear, on a wide variety of music. The construction is of high quality and these are good enough that I would rather spend my money on upgrading equipment than on more expensive cables.

Regarding power cords, my amps run off of the unshielded FP-Alpha-3 with Oyaide P-79 connectors;
My source components and preamp run off the shielded FP-3TS20 cables with Furutech FI-25(G) and FI-25M(G) plugs:

I also have some bulk Neotech cable, which is pretty good sounding. I always wanted to try the Acrolink AC Power Cable 7N-P4030 with Oyaide P-079 and C-079, but I have not yet tried them;
Good luck.
please note that my thread is about furutech bulk ac cable only, so i would like to have answer about it only. For me the question of the importance of ac cable is close. Some thread turn to a debate and by this way we forget what is the initial subject and i will not obtain the information that i need.

thank you
All my power cables are made from FP-314AG bulk cable, and FI-11(G) or FI-50(R) output connectors, and FI-AU3112(G) or neutrik input connectors.
Happy with all with Furutech products - in particular the the FP-314AG bulk cable which I think is good value ($50AUD per meter) for a nicely made product. What I particularly like is that it fairly flexible despite its thickness and so facilitates cable dressing. Also it is well shielded, so when I use one those mains power cable detectors no EMF is detected. My only quibble is that the FI-50(R) connector rubber grommet that the cable squeezes through tends to go brittle over time.
Both FI-11(G) and FI-50(R) connectors make for a very solid connection compared to usual IEC connectors - typically the molded connectors on otherwise good aftermarket cables can easily be pulled out with minimum of effort. What is also nice is that you replace the cheap IEC power inlets on your gear with e.g FI-10 (R) for an even better connection.
In terms of impact on sound quality of the system – I have not made detailed comparisons, but the one obvious trait is that as I upgraded the power cables, connectors and the power distribution – the system sounds warmer and fuller with improved transparency – there is an obvious reduction in glare.
I have had great service from the local region Furutech distributor – a list of available products and prices (AUD) can be downloaded from: http://www.referenceav.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=67&Itemid=73
My first answer to audiogon forum same if i'm a member
since 2007. But i have rejoice all my time reading this
very INFORMATIF forum.

Now it my turn to share my limited experience. My system are Hafler transnova 9303, Meridian 565 (buy from audiogon) at $220US WOW. My speaker Angstrom Reference i paid $12CAD pair at a strift store...

My experience with Furutech bulk cable is first the Furutech FX Alpha 1, the pink cable. I paid $120 1m USED with good banana connector to the speaker only. They made an incredable upgrade to my system: They are an absolute AMAZING delight!! The step up was as big then when i place
Meridian 565 to put out a Hafler dh101 pream. The great
atribute of Furutech FX alpha 1 is these no resistance to the signal. Amazing bass and dynamic. BEST CHOICE EVER IF YOU OWN A DISCOTHEQUE... THESE cable will stay in my system for live.

Some years ago i was staying at Salvation Army shelter
it was for me a very RUFF TIME. But i have learn from that experience how to shop electronic wisely specially from strift store point of view. Before i was shy to even enter this store but when YOU HAVE NO CHOISE you became humble,,,

I found great stuff like a Tag Heuer formula one for $3.50

So now that i work and have my APP. "PRAISE THE LORD CAUSE

I found a SONY DVP S 7700 for $75CAD local and the lady never use as CD player so the CD lens is LIKE NEW. Sony is not bad as cd player alone but not a Meridian 800 either...

My plan was to use the Sony as transport. After searching used market i decide to built my own digital cable. I buy Furutech bulk FX Alpha AG pure silver conductor with WTB 0147. I finish the cable but my Meridian was not yet able
to lock on the digital out on my Sony.SO no sound at all.

From now i can't comment until i resolve this issue and then i will start the brake in period of four week...

I'm a french Canadian member and every time i saw an add
saying for 48 continental us sale only. that brake my
heart... But i still rejoice a lot Audiogon web site.
in my last answer i made a mistake. The Furutech speaker cable i have are FS Alpha 1 not FX and are really AMAZING.

I want also to share my other experience on Bulk Furutech cable. I build a digital 1m FX Alpha AG pure silver conductor with WTB 0147. It took at least 125h to get minimum brake in.

Now for the first time , i felt that a have a new cd player.
A Meridian as the 506 because the Meridian 565 share the
same chip dac CS4328... The transport is a Sony DVP S7700.

The total was $218 cad for the SONY transport MINT and the DIY cable AND I'M VERY VERY HAPPY OF THE RESULT. I just want to listen to ALL my cd again. The transport is connected to a Meridian 565. I have not expected that kind
of change will be so big.Wise shopping...

Guy, i do'nt have yet my dream system like CJ premier 350
or a BIG system like lot of you. But i'm a musician composer
since my young age and i can EAR every micro change in my
system worst or good. AND this is WHY WE DO this HOBBY
because we EAR the difference where other may say every
thing sound the same...

Furutech, made the world sound better...
I have the following cables in my system

Fp-314Ag - 15 guage - good for source components. I've since replaced these with DH Labs Encore 14 guage, which I find has better dynamics and detail.

Fp-3TS762 - 10 guage - the best cable I have - dynamic, articulate and brings out amazing details - currently supplying power to my Naim 50 watt amp and it is the power cable on my power distribution centre that powers my source components.

The connectors are Sonar Quest silver plated copper from Ebay - the iec connectors have the best clamping of any I have tried so far and they improved the dynamics and details over the other connectors I've used.

I found the best way to attach the 10 guage to the IEC/mains connectors was to crimp small spade connectors to the cable rather than insert the wire into the connector - I found it improved details and dynamics.

Hope this helps
Fp-314Ag - 15 guage - good for source components. I've since replaced these with DH Labs Encore 14 guage, which I find has better dynamics and detail.

Turns out I wasn't comparing apples to apples - the Furutech FP-314Ag power cable did not have spade connectors, whereas the DH Labs Encore did have the spade connectors.

Once I added the spades to the furutech the scales tipped the other way - the Furutech FP-314Ag really brought it's "A-game" and is now installed on both DAC and Phono sources.

Furutech definately has the edge over the DH Labs - providing better depth and focus within the sound stage and a little crisper presentation.

Thanks for that info Mark NZ,I am going to use Furutech for my power cable needs.Im not after anything too fancy so Furutech look like good value and a step up from standard cables.Im also AU/240 and looks like they have added the FI-50AU (R)plug to the AU selection.