Future of Analog Technology Media

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has any insights on what new analog technologies we might eventually see in regards to analog music media. Don’t get me wrong you would have to pry records from my cold dead hands at this point, but could there be something superior to vinyl records for capturing music in the analog format? If so, I have not heard of them, but this topic interests me greatly.

 could there be something superior to vinyl records for capturing music in the analog format

Yes ... it's called tape and it's undergoing quite a revival don't you know! New R2R machines and new tape issues abouding

However the cost of entry is quite considerable 😏

As to anything genuinely new don't hold your breath!
Yeah, was thinking of something brand spanking new... can't remember where I read it, but there's some type of theoretical hologram that might do a good job of storing music in analog format, but someone might have been trolling, who knows.
ELCASSETTE (1976) MIGHT HAVE BEEN a better analog format that was easy to use but much better sounding than standard cassette machines.  Std. cassettes are good but still lacking in a number of areas.  I looked at a couple of the Sony decks on Ebay, but of course the tapes are hard to find.  IF, if- they could have been manufactured in metal cases with equally well made recorders, I'll bet they could have rivaled LP's- as long as we're not talking about high-end turntables.
 HD Vinyl looks interesting and you can play it on your current analog setup

I heard about that, but it looks like the music is first digitized to a 3D topographic map, so doesn't stay analog. Don't get me wrong I think this has the potential of sounding really great (and I will be one of the first in line to check it out), but for analog purists this is likely something to gripe about.