Gain on Odyssey Stratos

Anyone know what the gain is on the Odyssey Stratos. I can't find it on any of the published specs. I am considering bi-amping using the Odyssey and a Tube Amp (AES-25 DJH Signature) and am trying to see how closely they will match. The AES has a gain of +15db.

Ask Klaus Bunge (email from website)..he's a very knowledgeable and approachable guy.
Ask Klaus about impedance matching too, while you're at it!
It could certainly affect the matching!
Good luck!
This turkey don't fly!

Actually, while it looked good on paper, my adventure of the AES on top and the Odyssey on bottom did not work out at all. It was an obvious mismatch either from gain or impedence (never got an answer to my orignal question but tried it anyway). Integration was awful with booming bass dominating the show.

Oh well - time for Plan B. Does anyone know of a really good Subwoofer that can integrate musically with planar type speakers (Newform R645's) and Tube Amp's?
I heard a Mirage BPS-400 with Martin Logan Ascents & the sound was stunning. I cannot comment on the Newform R645s but would encourage you to do some research on the Mirage. It can be had from my local dealer ( for $799.
sibelius, check out vmps' www regarding their subwoofers. they are passive, which means that ewe need an outboard x-over & amps, but this is an adwantage, imo: yule get much better performance for much less money. the vmps' go way-low, w/tiny distortion, & they can really put out the spl's. i have a pair of the larger subs, crossed over w/the flexible, transparent marchand xm-9 deluxe active x-over, driven by a pair of old usa-made adcom gfa555's. i've had them successfully integrated w/proac tablettes, thiel 3.5's, nht super-zero's, totem arro's, and my main speakers, meret re's (same drivers & designer as the artemus eos, if yure not familiar w/the merets). i'd think they'll integrate well w/the newforms - as these speakers will most likely be my next major purchase, they'd better! :>) and, as john meyer of newform sez results are much better actively crossing over his speakers, i am planning on sending my xm-9 back to phil marchand & having him conwert it to a 3-way x-over. my entire subwoofer system - the two fully-tweeked vmps', the marchand x-over, the two adcom amps, came in at <$2400, everyting but one of the amps purchased brand-spanking-gnu, someting i usually try to awoid like the plague! ;~) but, even gnu, these are a bargain compared to the competition, even when the competition is used...

doug s.

ps - as yer odyssey dint work out, perhaps yude like to try the electrocompaniet aw100 i've been trying to sell? :>) can't tell ya the gain, but i'd tink electro wood be able to...

electro's are great-sounding amps, imo - i'm using two matched aw60's wertically bi-amped. hell, since i've not had much luck selling 'em, i'd even let ya try 'em, if ya wanna pick up the shipping tab...

Thanks for the offer. However, I am going to stick with my tube Amp. I really like the AES Superamp DJH. Yes, the Odysssey has better overall dynamics. But the DJH has a really seductive voicing thats addictive. Looks like I'll see if I can integrate a Subwoofer for the bottom octave.
i'm sorry sibelius, i misunderstood - i thought ewe were looking for another s/s amp. if yure gonna keep the odyssey for a subwoofer, as i said, i recommend vmps subs (two subs, regardless of the brand ewe finally choose), and a marchand xm-9 deluxe x-over.

good luck, doug s.