Gain setting on Rega Aura with Apheta 3


I’m a little confused. The Apheta website reads the Aura should have the gain to the “on position”. I don’t know what that means because the Aura’s manual reads Gain 1 (switch out) and Gain 2 (switch in). 

What would be the correct position on the Gain switch for the Apheta 3, in or out?

Thank you!


Gain 1 is 69.5 dB,  Gain 2 is 63.5 dB.  The Apheta 3 has an output of .35mV.   The best choice would be Gain 2.  You should set the impedance load to 100.

Thank you for your input. Although through internet searching I’m reading both. Best I guess is for me try both and see where I like it. So far the higher gain gets me closer to cd line volume. 

Try both but Rega recommends the switch is out (not pressed in) at the 69.5dB gain for any of the Rega MC carts...Ania, Apheta, and Aphelion cartridges. I use this setting on my Aura for the Aphelion 2.

Rega also recommends load at 100ohm as bobsdevices points out.