Gallium Nitride GaN Class D Amplifiers

In my recent research for a possible upgrade to my current amp (Benchmark (AHB2) I was reading about the new higher end design for Class D. I'm very interested in learning more about these new GaN(Gallium Nitride) designs. Three companies are offering some very well reviewed products and they are not going crazy with Watts per channel:

Orchard Audio offers a 250 watt Amp

AGD a 100 watt

Atmos-Phere also a 100 watt

What's interesting  is while Orchard is a new company AGD and Atmos-Phere have been around a while producing high end Tube amps. In almost every review it is noted how these newer designs sound like Class A or Tubes with all the benefits of Solid State. One reviewer couldn't go back to his tube amps after extended listening to the Orchard. No wonder AGD and Atmos-Phere are getting into this technology. It's very exciting as these amps are highly efficient turning over 90% of the power they draw into sound compared to about 78% with A/B designs and I believe even significantly lower for Class A. They run cool and usually weigh between 10-28lbs. I plan to do more investigation. Small size and light weight with decent power is very attractive. There are also mono block offerings for more power if needed. These are not cheap Class D products. They are well designed and constructed.

Orchard Audio's base model is around $2700and their Dual mono version with larger power supplies is $5500.

Both AGD and Atoms-Phere are $5000

Mono blocks for each are about twice the cost.

Has anyone had any experience, demos, etc ., with these types of GaN Class D amps?



I wanted to give an update. I needed to drop off a couple DACs I was trying at my local AGD dealer. I mentioned this thread and told him about my thoughts on bass. He said he never heard that nor experienced it in his own systems with their amps. He speculated it may be my speaker cables so gave me something to try. There's a huge difference on the bass side between my regular cable and the ones he gave me. I'm shocked at the difference. I bought the cables when I had a totally different system so they may just not work with this amp and speakers as well. Crazy hobby/addiction.

I recently purchased a Hifi Rose RA180 that I have paired with Focal Diablo Utopia standmount speakers and an SVS sub. It also utilizes GAN transistors and had some interesting features such as bi-amping capabilities, BTL mode for difficult speakers, selectable tone controls, and a dedicated sub out.

I also really like how it looks on the rack and stacks up well with the highly rated and equally gorgrous Hifi Rose RS130 streamer. 

@bhvf , care to say what the old and new cables were?  It might help others who happen to be using similar cables

I own the Peachtree Gan 400 amp.....Match it with a nice tube preamp and you have a beautiful , musical sound. Nice.  OR go with the Pascal Module that Aavik , Axess and Gato have for a step up in SQ.