Gallo Classico Subwoofers

Anyone here have any experience with them?  I'm looking to buy two small subs to compliment my Aerial 5B speakers.  This will be strictly for music in a small room (office).  I already have a little REL T3 that just cannot play low enough (-6db@30hz).  I want something fast (musical) that will blend well with the little Aerials which drop off sharply around 70hz.  The Classico is available in a 10" which is -3db@19hz or a 12 which is -3db@16hz.  My understanding is that they are some sort of transmission line enclosure which I have no experience with.  Anyone have any advice on which model to choose or should I go with something else altogether?
No experience with the classico. I have a gallo trd3 supporting tannoy speakers and previously tekton speakers in a large room (30x45). I find it musical and fast and it adds some weight and texture and blends easily with my system. In my room it doesn't hit you in the chest with power - this may not really happen until you move to larger drivers such as 14-15 inches, but that was not my goal. I like that the crossover is adjustable, as is the +db levels, and overall volume - this helps ensure it works with your system in your room. I wouldnt buy a sub without that type of ability to make adjustments. Happy overall with it. 
I’ve been thinking about getting the 10" sub. I have the Gallo Classico 3 floorstanders and I can tell you that the bass and overall sound is very musical, fast, and tight. So, I’m sure the subs are voiced the same way.

For Rock, my Classico’s bass is deep and tight, but for Classical I feel I’m missing the lowest octave on some recordings and I’m sure the sub would fill this area nicely. As I said, the drivers, are very musical.

The sub is not a true transmission line, but Gallo’s design pushes air thru the cabinet to get a big sound out of a small cabinet.
I like that the sub has a +3dB or +6dB bass boost, they call it bass EQ. If you have small room, a pair of the 10" subs will do (300 watts).
BTW, Underwood Wally is having a sale.
Honestly Underwood's sale is the only reason why I'm looking at these at all.  I was/am having a hard time making up my mind between one HSU ULS 15 and two SVS SB1000.  The pair of Gallos come in around the same price.  
I'll second the opinion on the tr3d. I recently replaced my ML Ascents and an old velodyne uld-15 with a pair of Gallo Strada 2's and the tr3d and found it to be excellent.  Very musical and more "oomph" then I need in my environment.  Won't miss the ULD at all.  Plus the Gallo is so tiny I am amazed by its performance.  

I picked up a pair of the CLS-10's. Bought Monday from underwoodhifi and got them via UPS today. They seem very well made, and pics online don't do them justice. Won't be able to get them up and running until end of next week. Had to have a pr. of 27' XLR > RCA cables made for them.

As soon as the cables get here, i'll reply back to this thread and give some early impressions. 

I bought a pair of the ClS 12's just after Thanksgiving you wont touch their performance for the money, not even on the used market. They are a basic transmission line, and perform great,
very easy to integrate, and are seamless, fast and tight. No problem
keeping up with large ribbon speaker.

Only surprise for me was the necessary y adaptor, no one offers a
true audio grade, so  I made a pair out of pure silver, wbt ag on the sockets, and Aurial Thrills for the male RCA's, well worth the expense.     

So far, so good. Ended up with one between my speakers around 4' off front wall. The other is half way down left wall from my listening seat. Not sure this is where they will end up though. My only complaint is that the lowest X-over point is 50hz. Would be better off with a X-over point around 35-40hz in system. Well worth there asking price.
I hear you Tom on the crossover point, I like the crossover bypass
switch, allowing the addition of a external crossover, really flexible!

When mine showed up, made sure they worked, then tore them down, 1gal of acousti x  sound coat for both subs, 3 coats internally,
including the basket of the drivers, completely coated the amps with AVM, changed the fuses, eliminated the micro arcing with all of the internal mechanical connections, cones & shock pads, 75lbs of mass loading on the top of each sub,  couple of decent power chords. Modifications were not expensive, transformed them into giant killers, total cost well under 2k thanks Underwood Hifi! 


Can you send me or post  some info on the sound coat and which spikes you used? Also what are you using for the weight on top of subs? Thanks!