GARY BEDINI and JOHN BEDINI have passed on 11-6-16

My friends Gary and John Bedini have passed .......They will be missed by the people who knew them and worked with them........Gary died on Sunday 11-6-16 and John Bedini died a few hours later........The service will be in Hayden, Idaho on 11-11-16             autospec
I've seen more often when brother pop out one after another, but other way around...
Wow, very unusual.  I once had a Bedini BA-803 power amp, a monster.  Sad to hear of their passing.
Very sad to hear this.  I was a Bedini dealer back in the day and was very fond of Gary and John.

R.I.P. Guys....
Reminds me of the Australian Garrott brothers, who did the great modification to the Decca cartridges. There was a suicide involved in their deaths, I believe. The Bedini 25/25 amplifier is considered a classic, often paired with the original Quad ESL speaker.
Brothers Bedini are more known for mining free energy sources. It's dangerous business to compete with oil companies...

My condolences.  I've spoken with and received valuable help from John in the past.  He was always friendly and extremely helpful.  I have a 250/250 amp that I modified heavily.  The traces on one channel's circuit board were damaged from the previous owner.  I called John, spoke for some time about my modifications, which he appreciated. He told me he had some spare unstuffed boards available and sent me two.  He actually offered to provide stuffed boards, but I said it wasn't necessary.

He was nice to me and Engineer to Engineer, he appreciated the upgrades I made to the amp.

He will be missed.

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My first amp was a 25/25, then a 100/1Meg. I gave the 100/1Meg to my father in law who is still running it.  I also gave him some type of x-feed device John made that was used in one of the early Star Wars soundtracks (I think it was the first movie.) Sad news.  My condolences.
Sad news. I had several of John Bedini's products back in the day (6677 preamp, 100/100 1 Meg amp) and still have one of his 200 wpc diode-emitter amps in a closet waiting for the right project.

Lots of controversy about his later "free energy" claims later in his career but the man could really design an amplifier. I remember at an early Chicago CES he was demonstrating one of his amps by arc-welding with the output!

I go by Hayden ID several times a year and always meant to stop in and introduce myself. Sadly, I waited too long. I didn't know John had a twin brother. I hope they both rest in peace.

Gary was four years younger than John Bedini.....They were not twins but worked together their whole lives........The service was quite nice.....Autospec
Just to dispel any misinformation, John and Gary passed away on Saturday Nov 5, not Nov 6.
To tonykay, there is nothing more to this story, Gary passed from cancer and John passed due to a heart attack, or more like a broken heart💔
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To rondad,

It’s a fair question. Anyone reading the initial posting would wonder about the strange coincidence of two brothers dying within a short period of time.

They both live I allot of people’s homes they come to life every time I turn on my system he was a friend of my pops who is in heaven with them and god only knows what they are designing. Thanks 
Wow...Rest In Peace. Sad to see notable contributors to the audio industry pass on. 
I knew John back in the day when I consulted for a couple of audio companies.  They built great stuff and it sounded very musical.  I remember at CES one speaker designer I worked with telling me that the newer amps didn't sound as good as the Bedini's.  But, his dealers had the "other" amps so he used those at the CES shows.  I like John, he had a good sense of humor and believed in what he heard, and wasn't afraid to speak up and tell folks about it, no matter how weird it was.  I am pretty sure he was the first one to raise speaker cables off the floor and demonstrated how they affected the sound at the CES booth.  We came to the conclusion that the steel in the concrete floor affected the current in the wire but neither of us had a clear cut theory on the electrical reasoning behind it.   It was very repeatable, though and everyone there could hear it.  It wasn't a huge difference but it was consistent.  One year he used 20 gauge solid wire as speaker wire.   Everyone thought he was nuts; I just smiled as he had some great sound in that booth and you can't argue with good sound. 
Does anyone know if the Bedini company is still being run by John and Gary’s families? I would like to restore a 25.25 to its original condition, and would like to purchase PCBs from them if possible. Otherwise I will strip the one channel and scan in the PCB, and take it from there.
I am probably the last person that works on Johns amps, I worked with John in his last days and have some of the stuff that was left over....I would be glad to talk with you about some of this but not on the forum.......Let me see how I can contact you.............Will

Autospec, please contact me as well. I was in Duscussions with John to buy his remaining lot of parts for his BA amplifiers and well..he stopped responding one day. this was long before he and gary passed..I would like to talk about some parts.


Dave:   Check my ads on audiogon, dynaco by will vincent.......My phone number is there.........

dear @autospec  This is Jeff LeFever. I was friends with Gary and John. I was heartbroken when I heard from John that Gary was dying. And more so when I heard from Rhonda that both had passed. Even now I get emotional. Sitting next to me is my Bedini 25/25 which I bought in 1981. I don't want to be disrespectful to the Bedinis by talking to you about this here. I am looking to restore my 25/25 to the sound that would honor John's creation. I was given your name as someone who could. Is there a way I can contact you directly if this is the case? ~Jeff LeFever 

Jeff:    I'll try and help you if I can, but I am also a builder of tube amps and I am very busy.......Go in to Audiomart and find one of my ads for "dynaco by will vincent"  my phone number is in the ad..........W

@autospec Thank you, Will. Give me a few days, and I will call you. But I will be emailing you today just to say hello. J