Genesis APM-1 or Thiel CS-7 speakers

Hi, I'm trying to decide between these two speakers and would like any input. My system consist of McCormack TLC-1 Deluxe preamp,McCormack DNA-2 amp, MIT 330 plus series 2 interconects (rca) and MIT MH-750 CVT Terminator series 2 speaker cables. Thank You. Don
Don, while I can not attest for the Genesis speakers, I have a set of the Theils and enjoy them thoroughly. They are very neutral and have a superb sound stage. I am sure that the Genesis APM-1's are fine speakers also. Let your ears make the decision. All I can do is assure you, if you choose the Theils, you will be purchasing a fine speaker (In my humble opinion) manufactured by a reputable company that will provide you with alot of listening enjoyment. Good luck in your pursuit.
I own Thiel 3.6s, not even in the same leage as the big 7s but I'd caution you about using a McCormack amp with Thiels. They are current limiting and might make the Thiels sould very bright. Compare the impedence curves of the two speakers. Thiels generally dip to about 3.6 ohms and unless your amp can deliver exactly twice the power at 4 ohms rating as it does at 8 ohms you are likely to be unhappy. If you are looking for a tie breaker between speakers this might be it. I love my Thiels but these $4600 (new) speakers and being driven by a Krell KSA200s ($8500 new) amp.
I own the Thiel CS7.2s, but I am not familiar with the Genesis APM-1. No speaker is pefect, but the big Thiels do many things RIGHT IMHO. It is an accurate and neutral speaker, has great purity of tone, and is superbly integrated. I'm sure the McCormack DNA-2 can drive the CS7.2s (it should at least double its power into 4ohms), but the Thiel CS7 is even a more difficult impedance load. You should listen to both the Thiel and Genesis speakers with your amp if possible. I drive my CS7.2s with Bryston 7BST monos in parallel mode, but have shut down lesser amps that are not high current designs.
I owned the Thiel CS 7's but sold them as my listening room was to small ( low ceilings). I listened to the Genesis Amp 1 at Soundex and they sounded more like H/T. I was disappointed as I own a Genesis 900 subwoofer and thought the rest of there line would sound as good. i am not saying that there other speakers are not good but IMHO the Thiel 7's are alot better. Plus you can always upgrade to the 7.2's later. But it's all in your ear. Good Luck!
Thank You for all the info from everyone that replied and I will try to listen to both speakers with my amp then make a judgment.
neither speaker will exhibit its full potential with the mit's in your system. IMO, you're gonna need more neutral wires.
I have not heard the genesis speakers. I currently own a pair of 2.3's. Best money I've ever spent. System: Pass Labs x-1 Pass Labs x-150 Sony SCD-1
Thank You to all that replied. I purchased the Genesis APM-1 speakers and I'm very happy with there performance & highly recomend Underwoodwally which I purchased mine from he is truly first class, honest & a man of his word. Don.
Great choice Don.I too own the APM1's they will sound great after setup and about 400 hours of burn in.Be patient and you will be rewarded as these are truly terrific speakers. Would love to know how they sound with your McCormack amp as I am thinking of replacing my Classe amp with one.Tony