Get power amplifier use ideas

Hi, all
I've been considering getting a power amplifier to compliment my AV setup for some time according to Power Amp Basics Overview and DIY Example, although I don't mind admitting I'm not that knowledgeable in this area.
I currently have a 5.1 setup, powered by a Yamaha RX A1070 which puts out 110 watts PCH. My front three speakers are Kef Q900's and a Kef Q600c.
Usage wise im about 50 / 50 between music and movies. My aim is to take some load off the Yamaha but also to boost our improve the front L/R for stereo music especially.
I'm looking for recommendations on either two or three channel power amplifiers as I'm on a budget. Second hand is no problem but ideally for cosmetic reasons I'm looking for a unit available in black .

Anyone has thoughts and recommendations of it? Many thanks.
Happily your AVR had front l and front r pre-outs.

Now you need to go from those outputs into a HT Bypass INPUT of your front speaker system: either a preamp/amp combo or an integrated amp with HT Bypass.

HT Bypass Input lets the AVR control the front volume along with all other channels when in Video Mode.

the front system is used for either video fl and fr OR music fl/fr.

think thru any sub-woofer, if from the AVR, it will NOT be on in music only mode.