Get the best from your system while listening without any cost

Turn off your solar systems inverter while seriously listening, as it puts very high frequency s***t back into your house mains wires, as does your microwave and anything with a smp (switch mode power supply) which ends up in your system, I’ve seen it on the oscilloscope.
And if the missus want to cook with the microwave, tell her to get take out delivered

Simple way to test if you don’t have a oscilloscope, is get a portable AM radio that does not mute if "off station", and tune down to around 700khz on AM and turn up the volume and go near any smp power supply and listen to it squeal it’s head off, this noise is getting injected into you home mains wiring and your system..

Cheers George

Most of this can be avoided by wiring your system on a separate spur connected immediately after the supplier’s fuse and connecting all the house mush further down another line.
I don’t know how that is possible, as my system has a dedicated fuse line I installed myself, but they all still connect to the same live/neutral and earth before the mains fuse/s, and there’s no way mains fuses isolate each line for this.

Georgehifi, it may be measurable but that does not mean it is a problem.
Yes it is, just try it, it’s not going to cost you anything.

georgehifi, please list your system from first power cord through to speakers, preferably with images. Thank you!
I have 3 systems Doug, if you search you see that one is very substantial.

Cheers George
Not wasting my time searching for anyone’s system when they can point to it or list it. "Very substantial" is a throw away phrase.
No problems with my system with any of these items. I do run all my system components through power conditions/filters for protection from transient spikes. No hums, no electrical noise at all. 
Interesting how some are ready to pay for a special fuse, wait for it, then install it, then write about it, but not flick a few circuit breakers.

And yes, I do hear differences in the circuit breakers used for each mono block. Higher current ratings sound better.