Give Up on Bacch?

I have sitting next to me a little suitcase with the Bacch4Mac hardware.  Implementation is scheduled for Monday, next week but I may return it before then.  I thought I would seek advice before pulling the trigger.  Theoretica gives one 14 days from shipping to return for a refund less a $200 restocking fee.  The 14 days is up Monday.  Why the cold feet?  First, I will not have the opportunity to listen to the Bacch system in my home before the return period expires.  Second, I was underwhelmed at the Theoretica room demo at Axpona.  Third, I have a modded Peachtree Gan1 that requires a coax input.  I will have to spend an additional $1000 to get that capability with the Bacch system.  Fourth, at Axpona the sweetspot was narrow  and impractical (2 seats, one behind the other).

It will cost me a $200 restocking fee and shipping to return the Bacch system.  I hate to do that, not because of the cost, but because I won't have the opportunity to hear it in my home.  What do you think?

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I went in the room when Edgar was demonstrating. I never  did the demo as there were a few waiting. Little different with the camera following your head movements. 
People  that have it love it so maybe ask for more time if you have it already. They want to sell units I am sure they will be flexible. 

My two cents: this technology is in the early stages. It costs more now and will probably get better. I'd just return it and see what evolves. 

Yes I would talk to them . They scheduled the implementation for Monday so they should actually give you at least a week to listen to it. I installed the u-BACCH for Windows on my system and enjoy it immensely. Yes, it is essentially a one person listening position so when I have company I adjust the width of the presentation because even though two listeners sitting side by side don’t hear what a single listener does the software adds a liveliness to the music that wasn’t there before. With u-BACCH I am able to easily engage or disengage it to assess what it is or is not doing.

I sat in the "sweet spot" at the Axpona demo for this product.  It sounded fine, and "different" but also seemed very gimmicky overall.  They played some stuff that had a bunch of flying insect sound effects and again, it was cool in the same way that Dolby Digital (AC-3) was in the early days of home theater, when discrete surround channels were implemented, but (to me, at least) it didn't make music more enjoyable.'

This might be due to the hype effect, wherein everyone says something is the cat's PJs and my expectations were too high.

It’s hard to advise because the finance is part of the equation.  If you are Jeff Bezos than you won’t notice the $200.  If you are like the rest of us then the dilemma of being out the $200 versus the total cost for a component that you may have lingering doubts about is a real one.

  I would keep it and give it a year.  Odds are that it’s well made and will provide a lot of satisfaction.  It’s possible that if it doesn’t quite get there for you, they might do a software update sometime that might change something for the better