Glen Miller Rock 'n Roll

A friend of mine told me that a friend of his told him that Glen Miller recorded a rock and roll album. Has anybody ever heard of this? If so, do you know where we could find a recording of it?
This would be impossible. Glen Miller died well before the birth of rock and roll.
wait a minute, here. i recollect that glenn miller was "presumed dead" when his plane, flying over the english channel, went missing and was never found. it could be, yes it could be, that he and elvis met one another, made a record and are still recording somewhere. so, like elb, i want one of them musical rarities, too. just tell me where and how much.
Interesting thought Cornfed. You are correct, the plane was never found. To provide another thought on the question asked, several mambers of the Glenn Miller band survived the war. In fact, there is still a "Glenn Miller Band" that tours. This band is descendant of the original. I suppose it is possible that this band may have recorded some of the Glenn Miller tunes with in a rock-and-roll format, but I have never heard of it.