My Apologies to Miller Carbon

You suggested I leave my solid state components on all the time in spite of the trickle charge when off. Today after almost 2 weeks I heard better more solid lows, more air between the instruments, less hash, etc. Miller Carbon also introduced me to the Schumann Generators (2) which I also find helpful. I have very heavy Vandersteen speakers and am deliberating those suggested springs. Thanks MC
Good for you! The proof as they say is in the pudding. Too many here will only argue endlessly the impossibility of brown powder and tap water ever turning into pudding, let alone taste good. Good on you for going to the trouble of mixing and tasting and finding out for yourself. You are very welcome.
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The abuse is from a small obstinate group. By far the vast majority are appreciative. I know because in contrast to the same few hurling abuse every day, the stream of PMs thanking me are lots of different people. stringreen is different only in going public. Even there he is far from the only one. He may however be the first to start a thread on it. Wait a minute- Thread starter? Or trend starter?
I thought I recall Paul from PS saying he thought SS should be left on all the time and that his original products didn't have an on/off switch because of it.  However, he went on to say that the market demanded the on/off switch so he included one, but with a standby function so the stuff would stay warmed up.  That's the way I remember it at least. 
Miller carbon has helped me out more than once, I follow his advice too when applicable. 
Nice to see MC get positive feedback as opposed to the ridicule he usually gets. 

Nice to see MC get positive feedback as opposed to the ridicule he usually gets.

Nice to see him get positive feedback he's earned as opposed to the ridicule he usually...
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      Not even in the same ballpark, but: I'm still thankful he took a minute to help me with my typing/paragraph disconnection.

                              btw; THANX, millercarbon!
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     Having the audacity to buck the Naysayer Church's doctrines and finding out a bit of truth, pays some worthwhile dividends, does it not?

When SMc Audio (Steve McCormack) rebuilds former McCormack amplifiers he is no longer bound by mass market conventions.  Therefore, my Class AB, Ultra-G DNA-1 monoblocks do not have an on/off switch.  Steve recommends leaving them on for best sound but turning them off (unplugging them) if I am not going to be listening for a period of time such as a long weekend, vacation, out of town work trip, etc. or during thunderstorms.  They are mildly warm when powered on but of course get toasty when played.  He does not seem overly concerned about degradation of components due to heat associated with leaving them powered on.

I agree with MC on some stuff, like this issue and the use of springs, and maybe not so much on some other stuff but that is not surprising since we have significantly different systems and probably different system goals, musical tastes, etc.  Either way, its all good and his input is typically purposeful and well thought-out.  There would be less conflict and friction here if people simply stated their point and moved on, and didn't feel the need to argue issues as if there were only one right answer that works best for everyone.  
" Steve recommends leaving them on for best sound"

I had an SMc (old McCormack) DNA-1 and Steve recommended leaving it on. I did for the better part of 20 years with no problem. Klaus Bunge of Odyssey Audio says the same thing about solid state ... leave it on. Maybe the exception would be true Class A amps, since they generate so much heat? A/B not so much.
I would not leave just any SS amp on all the time. Warmup when possible more likely. It’s Likely to shorten lifespan in many cases if left on . There are exceptions. I leave my class d amps on 90% of the time because they do not consume much power idle and maker advises to leave them on in the manual. Tube amps are mostly right out to leave on all the time. .
It’s fine to be contradictory to common knowledge just be aware of the pros and cons. It’s seldom ever a slam dunk case always.

Well MC certainly gets some things right, but God help us all if you start extoling this on this forum. He is almost intolerable when he is wrong. So please think of the children. 
No when he's wrong he admits it. UNTIL then he's right.. Just like the rest of us who are pretty confident in what we do.. At least I am..

Show ME!! I'll listen. TELL me I don't know what I'm talking about, I WON'T.. audio2design.. THAT multi named dipweed and his crony crowd..  Wait till he's off his meds again and is all Manic and whoopee again..

Master M is still pissed.. LOL God bless his tinkering hands.. MC's too..

I been on a bit of RANT lately. I'll blame it on "late onset Tourette's". :-)

It's actually that GOAT, he ate the other half of my hat..

Time to feed the chickens..
Here is the thing when MC sticks to audio he makes some good contributions. However his editorializing and belittling of others obscures that fact. Lets all try to act better around this place and help others.
With my Coda CSIB it has a semi stand by but still has 15-20watts 
for it keeps the circuit  partially warm ,including the capacitor
and transformer and circuit charged  .it actually extends the life of the unit ,for it is gentle this way when engaged it is gentle to the circuit..if off or in a true stand by it has a small surge then recharge the whole circuit ,which is a small surge ,The only time I suggest totally turning a SS amp off ,if  not using for a few days ,or a Pure Class A Amplifier for the circuit is operating constant current ,without the transistors cycling on off , and a lot of wasted energy 
but sonically lower distortion , referring to class A-AB. Not class D .I am sure not totally accurate description ,but  in the ball park.
I leave my SS amps on all the time except when I'm away from home for more than a week or so.  I hear a definite difference when the amps are repowered and it takes several days for the amps to get back to peak performance.  

I am leaving on my primary DAC for the same reason.

Tube equipment?  That gets turned off at the end of a listening session.  But most of the time, it only takes a half hour or so for those components to reach peak or near peak performance.

As for editorializing and belittling others, sometimes it better to point out the stupidity of a post and / or the one posting rather than allowing an individual to gain credibility with an otherwise articulate post.  More than once I have caught people commenting about equipment that does not exist or about which they know nothing.
I wonder if that goes for Parasound amps? They are supposed to have the instant warm up circuit. Guess I'm going to need to try. I already turn on about 30 minutes before listening. BTW Chuck I just ordered some Synergistic Research Blue PC.
Although I almost never post here, and do not necessarily agree with his politics, I have always felt that millercarbon was one of the more knowledgable folks on this forum. Although I sometimes argue with my son the engineer up here in Michigan about my expensive audio cables which he believes are a rip-off, I have learned not to dismiss such things because I can hear the difference. Most of my system is tube-based so it is turned off and on, but like in Indiana, I often have to plug and unplug my system because of lightening strikes here in the rural midwest...Next I will try the Schumann generators.
My hat is off to you... +1

BTW, unplugged the entire system earlier tonight for the first time in about 10 months, due to a thunderstorm warning in the area. Had it off for about 45 minutes & went through withdrawal. 
I think mc has great info to divulge. I also find him quite funny. Don’t know why people take his insults seriously. Who gives a  %~<£? 
Been leaving my SS gear on constantly for decades. Only way to go.. In some quarters it is claimed that your caps will actually last longer in a state of constant charge.
My BAT VK-6200 5channel amp stays on 24/7.
From a cold star it sounds best after about 4 days. Once the capacitors are fully charged the air around vocals/instruments as well as the decay is simply magic.
     My TacT 2.2X stays on 24/7*, as well as the BAT VK-D5, even though it uses 6 Siemens CCa’s.   That’s: unless there’s a storm on the horizon, or I’ll be away for awhile.

     *Both have Standby features, that reduce the current levels to their circuitry.    BAT's Standby keeps a much reduced level, to the tubes, compared to it's circuitry (NICE, but: I'm still glad those CCa’s have a 10K hr life expectancy).  

     Digital stuff just takes forever to reach quality sound, from a cold start, in my experience.
As a relative newcomer to this forum, I find millercarbon's posts very interesting and informative. He got me to put the Townshend  platforms on my "to buy" list when I can next afford it.
Re post #9,853:
I like MC when his sense of humor pops up....
(...but it did take him 26 min. to respond....hmm...*smirk*)

Means well to share knowledge, insight...only cranky when his tail gets stepped by 'something' specific or general...sounds like most, only better wrote then most...*tease*

Personally, I believe he blocked me some time ago.  No reason to hold that against him; I still read most of his posts. ;)

He has My Regards anyway, J

...oh....both ’puters, 3 monitors, amp, 2 outboard eq’s, and a passive switcher on 24/7.
Anything that creates heat has fan(s), all very quietly. *S*

When it got to the point of worth doing, it was.
It's about time! Try not to let this go to your head; we need your powers for good, not evil.

Thanks times ten millercarbon!

Would be interesting for him to post a list of all the tweaks he tried that didn't work. 
I can just imagine the mc haters beside themselves over a thread about mc! With folks saying nice things? And someone had to bring up politics 
I like Audible Illusions idea on their preamps. When the power switch is off, there is still a trickle current going through the circuits to keep it ready to go and probably to minimize thermal cycling. 
I also enjoy the snarky humor from MC. My favorite. “Ya who wants a system that sounds better than a telephone !” 😂😂😂😂
MC has always been kind and helpful to me when asking my rookie questions.and his movie clips are fun.
      "Would be interesting for him to post a list of all the tweaks he tried that didn't work."    

                             #1 in Feynman's Rules of Life:

                                See failure as a beginning.
Possibly not the right thread for this...

Without being too specific in my questioning;
Will you be cooking ribs on the weekend of the 14th-15th August?
Apparently a foodie will be flying into WA from New Hampshire that weekend. Perhaps we can get you a few more good reviews?
I myself have become accustomed to Texas BBQ. Of course if you haven’t tried an Aussie works burger....

I only leave my computer server on, maybe I should leave the amp and DAC on for a week and give it a try.
Always figured the followers outnumber the haters by a sizeable number. Still, this is so gratifying to see. Also good to see most get that the humor is.... humor. Awesome thread. Love you guys! (And Krissy- but you already know that😍❤️).

asvjerry- Your name did not ring a bell so I had to check and no you are not one of the 68 who made the list. Sorry if you were neglected. Not sure if this will help or not, but I often post on a thread and then having said what I had to say never come back to it. If you ever want an answer try using my name, that sends me a Your name was mentioned, or you can always just PM.

nakam- I have ordered a Blackhawk. Wanted a Reflection. But when I got to the point of ordering and started talking with James and Dave, supply problems are such that they cannot commit to a build except to say within 6 to 18 months. The deposit on a Reflection is more than the whole cost of a Blackhawk. The Blackhawk can be exchanged for a Reflection with full credit. There is no power difference, not with my speakers, it is not like I need the extra power. That leaves sound quality, which the Blackhawk seems to have in spades.

So the Blackhawk is ordered and should be here in about 2 weeks. And then we will see.

Rick, we will be having ribs but sadly not Texas, but millercarbon style, with my special sauce, which looks exactly like Sweet Baby Ray’s but trust me its my own creation. Honest. 😉
  • play some representative noise source to keep the voice coils at temperature
  • include an RF generator to keep noise spectra
  • ensure listening room is both isothermal and isobaric
  • ensure that you consume the same food everyday
  • get the same hours rest every night
  • ...
Just curious....thanks for the clarity....*s*

One wonders if included on any 'better DOA' lists; mere patience settles that, anyway... ;)
“My BAT VK-6200 5channel amp stays on 24/7.
From a cold star it sounds best after about 4 days. Once the capacitors are fully charged the air around vocals/instruments as well as the decay is simply magic.”

 Whilst several of my larger valve amps do sound optimal after a couple of hours gently cooking away on repeat before a listening session,  I find the  ascertain that it takes 4 days for a piece of audio equipment to reach such a state a tad bonkers....what are you using for capacitors...Tins of beans !

A little light reading...
Shouldn't class A amp shut off after no signal for a long period?
At least my Plinius SA102 turns back to class AB from class A after 30 min or so.
My solid state preamp has a standby switch so I seldom turn it off unless I go for vacation or something. Wonder why SS power amps don't have standby option. 
I also like Audible Illusions tube preamps that keeps warmed up.
tsushima1, Are you really trying to say that as fast as the caps can charge (milliseconds) that is all there is to it and the amp is as good as it is ever going to sound? Because that seems to be the implication. Admittedly always hard to be sure when using innuendo and implied insults. So please be clear in your next insult, okay? I mean that.

The Little Boy and the Rattlesnake  

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