Glow Amp One questions?

1. Anyone have one of these, either 2008 or 2009 model?
2. Rolled any tubes? 6N3=5670=396A right?
3. I'm most interested in this as a headphone amp. Any opinions on the performance of this function?
Reviewed quite favorably on 6Moons. Maybe price too reasonable to be considered High-End? 8^) Any input on this amp?
1. Yes
2. 5670 from Jim McShane was a worthwhile improvement.
Audio Magus sells a replacement set of driver/output
tubes that are very nice.
3. Only tried it for a little bit with my Senn 600's but
it was the best I have heard them. Don't have too much
experience with headphone amps though.
I bought an 09. DAC failed 2nd day. Factory told me to take to a local shop. I guess you get what you pay for.
I have the glow one and I use it with 95 db speakers and it rocks!! But well for me I have had many amps and tried this one thinking that I would like the pentode sound and I do but I like the troide sound better so iam letting it go for $400 (firm if you interested) one thing about this amp is it is dead quite,I meand DEAD QUIET!! Put it up full blast and put your ear on the speaker and nothing no sound,I have mistakenly left if on for days at a time thinking it was off.myself I am looking to try a decware zen troide,but if i cannot sell it that's fine also,Nick