Goertz M12 sp cables - any good?

I'm thinking of purchasing these speaker cables for my system: Totem Signature 1 on dedicated stands, Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 preamp(w/ NOS Telefunken 12AT7), Kinergetics Chiro C200 amp linked via Synergistic Research Mark II interconnects, Ultech UCD-100 digital front end linked to the preamp via Goerts Micro Purl silver. I am currently using an Audioquest Indigo plus speaker cables and want to "upgrade". My budget is quite limited, around $150 for a used 10' pair...Would the Goertz M12 be an upgrade at all?.....thanks
Gemini: You can reference Sean's post my thread "Stunned by cable upgrade". He speaks highly of the Alpha Core Goertz MI-2s if those are the ones you're looking into.

Here's a link to his shoot-out. It's very thorough:


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Obviously i basically like the Goertz MI-2. I will say that it is no different than any other component or cable in a system though. As such, it might blend well or it might fail miserably. Only way that you'll ever know is to try them and find out for yourself.

One thing that i will comment on about buying used Goertz "flat" cables is that you should SPECIFICALLY ask a couple of questions if buying used.

(1) What kind of shape is the outer insulation in ?

(2) What type of terminations and who installed them ?

(3) Any noticeable bends or kinks ?

(4) Are the factory supplied Zobel networks included ?

I mention the outer jacket because i have seen this jacket deteriorate somehow. I bought some used and it was already beginning to delaminate. As such, i've heard that Goertz will relaminate it for free or minimal charge.

The part about termination is kind of important. Buying several runs of this used has shown me just how poorly some connectors can be installed. Since this cable is flat and not real flexible, i've seen some real doozies. Factory termination is by far the best. You can recognize this by each polarity having color coded vinyl (?) jackets at the ends. They will either say "Goertz" or the serial number for that specific pair. Factory termination is by far the most flexible and user friendly. The others that i've purchased used were done by someone other than Goertz and it shows. Much sloppier and harder to work with.

In terms of kinks or bends, this can crack the insulation. This can occur on the outside of the jacket AND between the two conductors. Needless to say, nobody wants to find out the hard way that there was "near invisible" arcing between the pos and neg AFTER it's too late.

As to the Zobel's, they are NOT included with the cables from the factory unless they are requested. Regardless of amp brand or supposed "stability", i WOULD use the zobels. For best results, zobel's need to be matched to the specific impedance of your speakers although "generic" (non-impedance specific) zobel's can be used with no fear.

Keep in mind that Goertz has an in-home trial period if you buy direct from them. While this might cost more money, you would be assured of getting the best possible from them with no fear of damaged goods. Their website might be listed under Alpha-Core instead of Goertz, so keep that in mind if doing a search for them. Sean