Goldring 1012GX stylus question

Is the stylus of a Goldring 1012GX (not sure of the "GX" but "1012" should identify it) cartridge user-replaceable? A dealer in San Diego told a friend of mine No, while I've seen Audiogon "For Sale" ads that imply Yes. I'd be grateful to anyone who can give me a definitive answer.
Thanks in advance!
Yep. The Goldring 1000 series all use the same pocan body and generator assembly with a choice of user interchangeable and upgradable stylii. My favorite in the line is actually the mid-line 1022 rather than the top of the line 1042.To my ears ,the 1022 sounds more natural and balanced than the more detailed flagship.
The stylus' are definately interchangeable. You can upgrade to the 1022 or 1042 if you wish. I had the 1022 and the 1042 and I really like the 1042. I find it it my opinion far superior to the 1022. Although when changing just the stylus the cost is a bout 80% of the whole cartridge.

Thanks everyone! I expected to find people who could straighten me out on this, and I wasn't disappointed. Unfortunately, though, a new stylus, as Dave said, is a pretty expensive proposition. Well, c'est la vie.
...and it's very easy to do.

Give a call. I had to replace the stylus on my Goldring cartridge (same one as yours), and at the time NeedleDoctor was selling the 1012GX stylus at pre-price increase prices. I think I got mine for $109.00. They may be going for as much as $160.00 now. I can't remember for sure.
Found another source for you:

On sale for $109.00.