Good, Inexpensive CD w. Volume control?

Can anyone make a suggestion on a good integrated CD player/DAC/Volume control, preferably with balanced outs, like the Mark Levinson 39?

The only catch is the price... Looking for something in the $1,000 range... Used not a problem.
I don't believe any of the inexpensive units have balanced outs.I owned the Denon 1650 Ar CD.Great bass,but not enough "Air" for me. The sony units are probably your best bet,or possibly a dac.Some have the volume control also.Don't overlook the Sony outlet stores.
Try to find a Resolution Audio CD50 - great player with volumn control and balanced outs (true balanced circuitry) but probably closer to $1500 used ($3000 new).
Without a doubt Resolution Audio CD 50 but you'll have to up the budget to around $1500 if you can find one. It replaced a Levinson 39 in my system