Good looking tube amp suggestions

My bedroom furniture is 1930s / 1940s art deco, and I'm thinking this is a good excuse to put together a second, retro-looking system. Cosmetics will be as important as sonics. The source will probably be an old Sony 707ES/ Theta Pro Prime I still have, and speakers are going to be a DIY made from my old car stereo (B&W -Does anyone else remember their MASS car stereo line?-8" woofers and tweeters based on the 801s', and Eton mids)in skyscraper shaped cabinets. This leaves the amp. I'd like something that shows lots of tubes, and has a vibrant non-fatiguing sound, rich in the MIDBASS. Due to where it has to go, it can't be more than 18" deep, preferably less than 16" This lets out one of my favorites, the AtmaSphere S30. Used price should be less than $1500. 2 main contenders from what I've read are the AR VSi55 and the Manley Stingray. I'm concerned that either of these might be a bit bright in the upper midrange, and the Stingray bass may not be that rich. Has anyone compared these 2 amps? Any other suggestions?
Another suggestion is the BAT vk-60. You can find these around $1600-1700. I'd desribe it's sound quality using your criteria. Not overly warm, but very rich sounding in the mids and bass area. Plus it looks way cool for you.

I think the AtmaSphere has balanced outs, so a good match here.

Just another option...
Do a search for Moth Audio. Probably the most retro, Art Decoish looking designs I've seen. Sonus Faber makes a cute little integrated, so does SAP Electronics. Both these Italian firms employ classic designs that will compliment your retro decor. Just my suggestion.

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Sonic Frontiers SFS 40 or 80 might just do the job. Both come up for less than $1000, look retro, and have good bass and a warm tonal balance. Both are easy to use and maintain.
I have not compared your two faves but when I was looking for a tube integrated for a headphone system, I compared the Manley Stingray and a few other similarly-priced integrated tube amps (a Cayin amp - model forgotten, a VTL IT-85, Marantz 66, EAR 859 (and others in the family), and a few others).

Out of all of them, my favorite was the VTL (disclaimer, my main amps at the time were VTL 450s and with the right speakers, I love them dearly but am currently playing with super-sensitive speakers so am also playing with lower power amps) but the price was not right (but it would be if you are in the U.S.). I thought it had the best overall balance of delicacy and power, liquidity and punch. I ended up choosing the EAR 859 over the Manley Stingray but it could have gone either way.

FOR LOOKS, the Stingray is a winner. I also like the VTL but it's a bit more 'industrial chic.' I think several of the EAR amps have great looks. I don't know how they sound (only heard the 300B preamp), but the CR Developments amps have decently retro looks. The VTL, Stingray, CRs, and a few of the EARs (but perhaps not the 859) would physically fit your required space. If you win the lottery (or happen on a suitcase of unmarked C-notes), you could also look at the Electronluv amplifiers; almost any one of them would win my vote for "amp-most-likely-to be-featured-in-the movie-'Brazil'". Otherwise, for real retro, there are also the old W.E. amps which are each the size of a tall skinny fridge...
Try the Jolida 302b. It's $950 NEW, has the retro exposed-tubes look, and a very seductive, warm sound.

How about the Pathos Classic One?
It certainly has cool art deco looks! I never heard one, but I'm sure others could comment on its sound. Cheers, Spencer