Good MA recordings CDs

A few weeks ago, I discovered an album called "Sera Una Noche" on the MA Recordings label ( This is an acoustic tango album featuring five young Argentine musicians. If you are into acoustic Jazz and want to hear something different, do not miss this one. The percussion is simply fantastic, among the best I have heard anywhere.

I would like to discover other albums from this label. Are there any other Audiogon members who like and can recommend some CDs from this label. Thanks. Daniel
I would recommend buying the MA sampler. It is wonderful and also a terrific introduction to some of the other artists on the label. You should be able to find it for about $8.50 at Music Direct.
I find some of the music on the MA label wonderful and some of it annoying. And I am not familiar with Sera Una Noche, so I do not have a feel for what you might like, but I can confidently recommend Calamus, The Splendour of Al-Andalus, which is the CD that put MA on the map several years ago.
And 'Krusevo' by Stefanovski and Tadic (guitar works). It was on 'Stereophile' R2D4, few years back. Probably best MA release.
Yes, I am listening to that one right now and it is excellent. Not on MA, but it you like Krusevo, I recommend the recordings by the Assad brothers (Sergio and Odair).
Thanks Drubin and Brukowski. Last week-end I went to the Montreal hi-fi expo and bought "The Splendour of Al-Andalus" by Calamus and "Krusevo" by Stefanovski and Tadic. I am looking forward to listening to these titles this week.