Good Phono Pre-Amps...$500 to $1500

I am in the market for the best sounding phono pre-amp I can buy in the 500 to 1500 range. Will be using a Linn table/arm with a Dynavector DV-10X5. I listen at low to moderate levels, mainly to Jazz and female vocals...and a little rock and classics.

"K&K Audio Phono Preamp kit. $1500. It will compete with the big boys."

And beat most of them.
I, too, have the K & K and would stack it against any phono stage in the $4K or so range. However, when the poster asked for a phono preamp I thought he meant a pre with a built-in phono stgae. Otherwise I'd have recommended the K&K before this. It can also be built by Kevin Case if you are not a builder yourself. You can look at the site:

Or, you can go to the Art Audio site and look at the Vinyl Reference. The K&K is basically the Reference without the faceplate and external power supply It should be since Kevin designed both. At least that is the way I had mine built.

I've heard every stage mention thus far except the Coph Nia and there is really no contest, IMHO. If you need more info, e-mail me.
Gotta add my props for the K&K phono stage. This is one excellent product. Mine was built by Kevin and is nice to look at and beautiful to hear.

Oy! Kevin of K&K is Kevin CARTER - NOT Kevin Case. Kevin Case was a friend of mine in college, though.