Good repair tech/shop in Northern California

Hi all. Just found out my trusted repair shop (r&b electronics in Redwood City) burned down in May. There are only a couple shops in the S.F. Bay Area and they have ‘THE WORST’ reviews. I’m wondering if any of you know someone you trust in this area but anywhere in California for that matter… I suppose I could ship anywhere but seems to make more sense to keep it within the state. It’s just a pioneer sx-680… it belongs to a friend who has grown attached to it. I have a feeling his stk-0059 modules have failed but he has politely refused my offer to replace them (a subject that could take up another post).

any help is greatly appreciated 



Ask for Luis, he moved from Sacramento to Modesto a few years ago to be closer to family. He’s helped me with a few vintage Marantz receivers in the past.


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